Sniffing Cookies

I have to say that I woke up feeling pretty excited this morning. I got a pretty awesome request and I’ll let you know about it if things pan out (smiling)

I have an awesome breakfast as well. Gluten Free Bread w/ a smidgen of Nuttlex and Natural Peanut butter. 4 egg white omelet w/ veggies sauted in 1 tsp. of olive oil. It’s topped with my gut cleansing powder what I am supposed to be using…it doesn’t have any taste. It’s like SNOW!

P1011704P1011653P1011666That’s what looks like ‘snow’ on my eggs. They loved it!

I talked to Nicole’s mom yesterday, the one eating the sprinkles. She has celiacs and candida…winner someone just like me! She is taking 2 tsps. of apple cider vinegar…so is Angela at OhSheGlows. So I mixed 2 tsps. of vinegar with a little bit of water. Wasn’t that bad.


I need to go and set-up the awesome arrangement in one of the residential halls for the Blue Tounged War tonight. If you don’t remember I am taking on one of the students in providing the best appetizers, mains and desserts. I might lose apparently he’s making homemade pasta. I will have a recap tonight but I will tell you that

  • 9lbs of cheese
  • 4lbs of pasta
  • 2 packets of jello
  • 1 cake
  • 2 cans of Stagg Chili
  • 2 blocks of cream cheese

Are involved. Any guesses?

I want to leave you with a little bit of things which have been on my mind lately and I’d like to share:

1. I can only sniff cookies, but I am ok with it now.


2. Read Jenna’s post on Angela’s website about finding balance in your life. I love Jenna..she’s the first blog I’ve read. Re-reading her story is inspiring and she lives the way she write.

3. Wish me luck and look back tonight for a HUGE soccer game recap and Blue Tounged War Recap…I am going to win.


One thought on “Sniffing Cookies

  1. Reluctant Blogger says:

    How odd re the apple cider vinegar – it seems to be a miracle cure for all sorts. The nurse suggested it to me the other week to put on a wart that Harry has on his hand. I have not yet tried it but must do so. She says she has seen it clear them up within a week on several patients.

    I hope it works for you too.

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