SJC Day 36, 37 June 7, 8

Day 36 June 7

Rest Day. It’s a Sunday

Day 37 June 8

16 Kneeling side twists-alternating sides, start count on left side only

  • Kneel on mat with hips above knees, ab engaged.
  • Place hand behind head, elbows out.
  • Keeping hips centered, rotate torso to the right, reach your right hand behind and touch your right ankle.
  • Return to start and complete on left side

15 Shooting the B-Ball–each side

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart.
  • Lunge back with your left foot.
  • Jump up and extend arms forward, as if shooting a baskteball.
  • Lower hands and lunge down

20 second side plank
25 pushups
15 Cheerleader Raises–each side

  • Stand with feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, right ahdn on hip a dumbell or can of soup in the left hand.
  • Raise your left arm so the you create a 90 degree angle while holding the weight.
  • Engage abs and bring your right knee up and bring your left arm down so that your left arm crosses your body and touches your right knee.
  • Try to do these quickly

40 high knees

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