Blue-Tounged War: Cooking Competition

his post was supposed to go up yesterday…sorry. Enjoy!

Let’s just say that after my AWESOME soccer WIN yesterday I was one tired girl…

However, I had to muster up the energy to organise four trays of macaroni and cheese, three huge salads, finish off my Jello Cake..and get students to organise themselves..all fifty of them…in a fashionable and correct manner.

Let’s start with Dessert! Jello Cake!I add sprikles to the top of mine because it needed had to have some sort of blue added to it.


Then I made Stagg Chili Dip! If you haven’t ever made haven’t lived.


Three HUGE salads!


I made four trays of Macaroni and Cheese..and dang it I didn’t get ANY shots of it after it was cooked or while it was being eaten. I was too busy ordering everyone around. However, I need to prefect the recipe..I wasn’t totally thrilled with it.


Sean went out of his way for this cooking competition. Honestly I feel terrible I didn’t get any of his awesome looking homemade mozerella sticks..They looked amazing. Did I mention that he made a homemade tomatoe dipping! He then made a million different homemade pastas with chicken and meatballs.


That’s Sean boiling his homemade noodles. He had regular, spinach, red pepper, and gluten free.P1011755

He made a homemade alfredo and pesto sauce.


Sean’s Sous-Chef..Adam. I love the tea towel.


Sean’s dessert. Chocolate cake from scratch w/ apricot preserves w/ a homemade ganache. Yes ladies..she’s single.

P1011742How cute are they? Nicki came out to visit her boyfriend Nick..I know..right? Nick and Nicki. She’s out for two weeks to visit him and then starts OT school the day after she gets back. He’s a lucky man.

P1011751The chowing down on the Stagg Chili Dip. They go ‘Mish, this is so good’. Yeah, sillies I know!

P1011740The two French girls. I think that everytime they eat American food their brains explode. They’re so sweet and have GREAT bodies. I think that their trick is smoking…perhaps a diet secret.

And the WINNER…SEAN! I had to give it to him. He busted his ass and making homemde pasta and ganache is pretty much amazing.


This is my job. I get to bring together fifty students who 17 weeks ago didn’t know anything about anyone, cooking, or the city of Fremantle. They’ve come a hell of a long way…growing in their own right, ending relationships, starting new ones..and then taking me on in cooking and baking compeitions. There are days when the angels lost their halos…but last night wasn’t one of them.

It was a blast.

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