A Packed House

Exam Snacks were in full swing today!


Here’s one of the tables. Filled with goodies. Don’t you worry…there was another stash of replacements.


The BEST sausage rolls in the world. Amazing. My gut used to love them.


The table of packet ‘cup of soups’. Too bad it was hot this morning…ha ha ha

Then my co-worker Tom decided to spice things up he’d go and get a pinata…except that it’s DORA. ‘I got it for $10.00 cause it has a smashed in face’


We have a co-worker Ervina who is a cute Singaporian woman and she’s on holidays. So we thought it was her for the day. So we took pictures with ‘Ervina’.


Here are some of my loverly students.


It’s a pretty fun time going through150 sausage rolls and quiches as well as 200.00 worth of groceries in 25 minutes. It’s an outreach. It’s part of my job.

I munched on 2 oranges and an apple. I also had potato chips–they made me sick. Never again.

We’re doing it again tomorrow..watch out for the poor Dora going down.

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