Egg Whites and Yoga

Good morning!

All I have to say is that after a 45 minute Power Yoga last night and 20 minute Morning Flow Yoga session this morning I feel like I am pretty good to go! Man my arms are so tired and I can feel it in my thighs..that’s a good thing.

I have forgotten how much I love yoga. It is demanding physically, mentally and spiritually. Have you ever done the Camel pose? I thought I was going to vomit…

After my yoga session I wanted to go for a run, but I hadn’t eaten anything. I went down the street and thought to myself..there’s no way I can run for 1/2 hour after doing 20 minutes of level 3 yoga. So I ran back, go my clothes out of the rain 😦 and made this awesome breakfast.

P1011785It’s a total of 3 egg whites and 1/4 c. c. of skinny hummus spread over 2 rice cakes. Ohh and my Detoxing Gut snow.

P1011786Green Monster: 3 c. spinach, 1 small banana, 1/2 c. rice milk.

Well today is EXAM SNACKS. I have 15 minutes to get ready for work..oppps. I will post pictures of exams snacks later..lets just say it’s about 300 students in 30 minutes crammed into our little office.


One thought on “Egg Whites and Yoga

  1. Reluctant Blogger says:

    I keep thinking maybe I should try yoga – that it could be good for my back.

    But I know I would never go to classes (I hate classes of anything and would go once or twice and then never again). Can you do yoga from books/dvds? Can you recommend anything I could try. I must be careful of course cos I can’t risk making my back worse.

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