SJC Day 38, 39 June 9, 10

Day 38 June 9

15 static bicycles–each side

  • Lie face up with right are atended out to the side, palm down, left hand behind your head
  • Lift left leg about six inches off the ground
  • Bend right knee about 90 degrees so shin is parallel to ground
  • Bring left shoulder over the right knee
  • 15 crunches each side

35 standing rear leg lifts–each side
5 walking planks

  • Get into plank position
  • Keeping back straight, abs engaged and legs together
  • ‘Walk’ hand into full push-up position (hands directly under shoulders, elbows slightly bent)
  • Gently walk hands back down to plank

25 Table Top Cross overs–each side
Add a can of soup behind your bent knee or weight

25 push-ups

Day 39 June 10

35 double crunches
35 Tabletop kick backs
20 push-ups
35 Frog crunches
35 Tabletop 90 degree side lifts
20 push-ups

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