My DREAM vacation

I am going to EAST TIMOR on June 20th!

bakhitaI am going to the Bakhita Centre hours outside of Dili.


Because I am volunteering at a centre which provides schooling, meals, and medical services for the local community. I am so excited. I have had a DREAM of volunteering overseas my whole life. I’ve always wanted to go to Africa. However, the price that many agencies charge, on top of vaccines, medication, travel insurance, and flights becomes pricey.

I have a friend Anders. He’s from Seattle originally, moved to Fremantle to finish school and got into volunteering up in Timor. He’s a computer geek..totally..running a medical clinic and driving the ambulance through narrow dirt mountainess roads. I am visiting him.

andersThe kids are going to make my heart melt.

anders 2Anders with my friend Glyn (right) learning how to do stiches. My friend Glyn and Sara went up about six months ago for a whole month. They gave me the final push to go.

Apparently it’s coffee season which is going to be awesome. Fresh coffee straight from the fields.

I am going to be helping out teaching English via flash cards, potentially doing some craftwork, and maybe writing a cookbook–fingers crossed. I still need to get some accommodation stuff sorted out while I am in Darwin.

Mindil Beach - Darwin NT Australia D43-7826-PAs well as get Travellers Insurance, after my time in Japan having insurance for medical reasons is necessary, get packed, and relax.

I am not too sure what Timor is going to bring, I have no expectations. I am just ready to be in a place where I am totally new and released from everything. Raw.

What’s your dream vacation?
Would you volunteer overseas? Have you?

7 thoughts on “My DREAM vacation

  1. Melanie says:

    Enjoy the experience…be flexible…and know that it will affect you in ways you never imagined. I volunteered last August at a circus-themed summer camp for orphans in the Ukraine. It was through the TOUCH project, which is part of Corvallis’ sister city program with Uzhhorod, Ukraine. My Mom, who has gone to Ukraine with the TOUCH project before, went with me–or rather, I went with her 🙂 It’s hard to describe what the experience was like, I usually resort to “it was really something”. It’s hard to explain when something imprints itself on your heart. Anyway, here’s a link to my pics from the trip, if you’re curious:

    • Mish says:

      That sounds like such an amazing experience. I’ll have to look at your pics soon. Thanks for sharing that with me. I am so excited. No internet, no power, no nothing except being in the world with amazing people. I need it. My soul needs it. I am ready.

  2. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Gosh it’s so soon now! You’ll have a fab time I know you will. And I have hopes – haha you know what those are!

    My daughter did voluntary work as you know, in Indonesia, and she really enjoyed it and made so many fab new friends from all over the world. I’m glad she did and she is too.

    I don’t know what my dream vacation is really. The thing I really want to do at the moment is ski in Canada – somewhere that the pistes are huge and you don’t see a soul for hours. I would love that.

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