Spin Doctor

Last night I had a pounding headache and decided to go home from work an hour early. I got home and dedicated myself to doing at least the SJC for the day..which I did 🙂

I then thought to myself..why not cart yourself to the Spin class at the local gym. It’s only $7.00 and frankly you’ll be so glad that you did..especially since you ate too many potato chips earlier in the day. It was awesome. I came home and did this to my foot while I read up on the culture of Timor..getting ready for my DREAM VACATION!

P1011813I iced my foot down cause the top of my foot is still swollen and it started to hurt a bit when I was biking..not fun.

I started off this morning with a 6 egg white omelet w/ about 10g of shredded cheese and the Detoxing Gut ‘snow’. It doesn’t taste like anything I promise..it’s helping a lot.


While I was eating my breakfast I looked over and saw my broccoli looking a bit…yellow. Is it ok?


Ok, I am officially hungry..but gotta keep myself hungry until Lunch at one..a new restaurant..review to come. Super duper excited!

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