It’s been crazy, but a good kinda crazy this afternoon.

I decided that I needed to head to the markets and get some food, cause tomorrow I wont have anytime to get to them. Have you ever seen these fruits before? They’re awesome. They’re fleshy on the inside and sweet while hard on the outside.

P1011836They have samples at the place that I always go. I have one fruit stand that I always go’s my favourite.

Then I saw Aztec Fruit. Really? It’s got the consistency of an avocado but it’s sweet. It was smooth.


P1011839I snacked on some grapes and a decaf long black!


Here’s my loot. A big box of vegetables and fruit.

P1011841What was I thinking wearing high heels to the market..I wanted to look and feel cute. Usually on the weekends I don’t care, but I am trying to care more because it makes me feel better about myself…especially since I am not as thin as I’d like to be.

Lunch was the rice mixture from this morning with left over fish from last night. I didn’t want to add oil to instead I make Purple Skinny Hummus. Didn’t have any chickpeas so I used kidney beans instead. Wasn’t bad!



I am not snacking well. I mean I am snacking on good things..but I am not sitting down and snacking properly.

I had this afternoon:

1 apple


A handful of carrots


2 small bananas, 10 almonds, a little handful of cereal and 1/3 of a biscuit. I am annoyed because I just want to find snack options which I enjoy…and aren’t the bloody same every day.

I also really REALLY need to cut back my fruit intake. I had 4 small bananas, grapes, one large apple. TOO MUCH fruit.

I challenge you…I need SNACK IDEAS!

-No gluten
-No soft dairy (cottage cheese, milk yogurt)
-No sugar

Yeah, see…it’s not easy. Ok..go I need IDEAS..please. Anything!

4 thoughts on “Need SNACK!

  1. Danielle says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen, nor heard, of those fruits! Enjoy πŸ™‚

    As for snack ideas I’m kind of in a rut as well… although I don’t seem to mind ;). I usually have some raw carrots with guacamole, hummus, and/or 2 tbsp of a nut butter. Hopefully one of those will be satisfying to you!

  2. healthy ashley says:

    Oh, it’s not easy!!

    I don’t think oatmeal is GF (lol-sorry!), but maybe a GF-oatmeal-alternative with a nut butter and a banana. Sure it’s big, but it’ll your belly up!

    ps- sorry if I just listed everything you can’t have.. still trying to understand what you can eat πŸ™‚

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