POWER ME UP. Cause I am a bit nervous.

Today, see it’s Sunday, is the big ‘End of Semester’ celebration for the 80 study abroad students. When I was working as a ‘House Mom’ we had one at the end of each semester which included funny awards from the house parents to the students in each hall. As well as Director speeches, funny skits that discussed their time in Australia, and a photo slide show of all the halls at the end.

Yesterday I spent 1 1/2 hours shopping to feed 100 people (this has been a recent pattern in my life), as well as 1 1/2 finishing up the slide show.

I am nervous because last year, when I wasn’t a house parent and wasn’t looking over the I am now…it was an ABSOLUTE disaster. My boss said never again. I asked him ‘please, lets do it again, but I’ll make sure that the speeches are kosher and we’ll change it from a Friday to a Sunday at lunch (so they don’t come drunk)’. Well, it should be fine..but it still makes me nervous.

Just say a little prayer. I feel like the whole thing is kinda ridding on my shoulders. If it blows up and doesn’t work, then I to couldn’t save it and I was the one who asked for it. On the other hand we’ve done everything that we can to make sure that it’s ok.

Deep breath. onto my morning FUEL. Green Monster w/ Whey Protein Powder.

P1011850I always use Rice Milk in my monsters..I love it. It’s sweeter than any other milk that I’ve tried and it doesn’t have added sugar like almond and soy!

P1011851I found this last night when i was re-organising my cupboard. I was once not eating it due to dietary restrictions, but I can have it now. Whey Protein powder. I added 2 Tablespoons to my monster.

P1011853I’ll have to admit that it tasted a bit ‘protein powdery’ to say the least. But I still drank it cause I need it for today.

Ok, off to go have a great End of Semester Celebration. Then soccer game, then dinner at a friends house. I might be MIA during the day, but I’ll be taking pictures for a large re-cap tonight.

Say a little prayer…still nervous!

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