Please SOMEONE give me a margarita!

All I have to say is that the End of Semester Party that I was STRESSING out about went off without a hitch!

Here are some food highlights!

P1011860Nine platters of Subway. Only about 4 1/2 were eaten..note to self when ordering subway again.

P1011859We also got 2 HUGE watermelons..about $30.00 worth. Both bad. I didn’t knock on them…next time I’ll knock on them.

P1011858This is the gluten free option spread. I made the homemade bread, Gluten Free AMAZING Bread! There were gluten free tortillas..which weren’t that great honestly. I had about three slices of the gluten free bread and 1/2 an avocado for lunch and some oranges. Really not a great lunch.

Lets get to the baked goods!

P1011861P1011862P1011863P1011864It was one girl and three boys who threw it all together. They did such an awesome job. Our Director said to me ‘Where did you get all the cakes, they look amazing?’ I looked at her and said ‘the kids made them’.

I was proud of them.

Chowing down!


I have been feeling really rushed today and my stomach is not cooperating with me. I left the lunch a bit sad about everything that I had eaten, because I didn’t feel like I had a proper lunch. I zoomed over to my soccer game, which we played SHIT in the first half. It was so discouraging coming off of last week’s win!

I got tripped about 1/2 way through the first 1/2 and this is what I am left with.

P1011868That’s my inner thigh with cleat marks on it. I also have a huge knot on my right knee. BLAH!

I went to dinner at my friend Sarah’s house. We had pears poached with blue cheese inside, steak and veggie kebabs with rice, and a cheese and cracker platter w/ dates and walnuts.

I had a huge soccer game today, I blew my points, and I felt sick when I got home. It’s so HARD when you go over to someone’s house and they get gluten free crackers for you and make stuff that you can eat..and then they bring out ‘dessert’ and it’s soft cheeses. I should have just said no..cause now I am going to have to really REALLY workout this week to get back on my points. I thought that the cheese was going to be ok..but it wasn’t. DAMN IT!

Ok, I need to get going and get caught up on the SJC..yeah I haven’t been doing them all the time on the day..I know I am going to exercise hell.

I am grumpy. I REALLY want a strong margarita and a big bowl of ice cream. I want to cry..I can’t eat them…I want them.

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