Chili in my eye!

All I have to say is that my millionth batch of hummus is gone. Just have to make more of it!!!!

After my breakfast today of brown rice and egg whites..I honestly didn’t feel all that well. I do remember that the Japanese doctor said to stay away from brown rice is out. If I eat gluten free noodles and/or rice noodles or white rice I am fine.

Still learning.

I snacked on an orange!

P1011880I went home today and got some mail. It was a wedding invitation for my friend Susan. Susan is a gorgeous she’s great. I’ve known her since before Kindergarten. She travelled around New Zealand and rekindled her high school relationship with Zach. They’re getting married. I LOVE their wedding invitations. So incredibly simple and amazing.

P1011881I then made my favourite, favourite go to lunch…a warm tortilla w/ hummus, tomato paste and grilled veggies.

I started off grilled up 1 small onion, 1/4 red pepper, 1 small chili (which I got in my eye), 2 mushrooms, 1 small tomato. I didn’t use oil, just water instead to saute them down.

Then on a gluten free wrap I spread 1/4 c. of Skinny Hummus (made w/ kidney beans) and 1 TB of tomato paste (make sure yours doesn’t have sugar in it). I love LOVE tomato paste..I can eat it straight out of the jar.


Then I added the grilled veggies to 1/2 of the wrap and placed back in the pan I cooked the veggies in to warm it up. This is also a great trick if you put cheese on it.


I then topped the veggies w/ a bit of lettuce and cut in half to make a ‘sandwhich’. Then I devoured it.


I had these chilis in my ‘sandwhich’ and they were so hot.


My mouth was one FIRE. Then my eye was on fire cause I touched it 😦 I snacked on a pear after eating my lunch to cool down a bit!


It’s going to be another long night. I have spin class planned and I haven’t sorted what I am going to do for dinner yet. Hopefully something yummy. I have a huge pumpkin that hasn’t been eaten and needs to get eaten. Maybe roasted pumpkin..who knows. Anyways…yumo!

3 thoughts on “Chili in my eye!

  1. Ashley says:

    Oowww! Chilli in the eye aint fun! I’ve never thought of mixing hummus and tomato paste together. That sounds really good! What brand tomato paste do you use?

    Hope your spin class was good!

  2. Michelle says:

    The plate that your orange is on is really cute! And I also really like that wedding invitation, it’s very simple and elegant. Have fun at spin!

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