When it Rains it POURS

I was saying to my co-worker ‘James, when it rains it pours’.

I am SO SO BUSY at work right now. It’s only four days before I got to TIMOR. OMG!

Honestly that’s insane. I have everything packed and ready to go..but I still need to bake things for my friend Anders who hasn’t has a chocolate chip cookie in god knows how long..too long really.

I went to get my blood drawn this morning, I’ve put it off for a whole week. However, for some reason I ate a bite of rice right before I left. I wait 30 minutes and then the woman goes ‘have you fasted?’ I go ‘yeah I have fasted, but I took a bite of rice this morning’. ‘Sorry’ she says ‘You’ll  have to come back tomorrow’. BLAH.

I was so hungry, you know the hunger pains you get when your stomach wants to eat itself? I didn’t have time to make a proper breakfast..so I down 1 c. of brown rice and five egg whites.


It’s kept me full which is good. Not amazingly tasted, but sufficient in keeping me full.

I was blessed with these amazing cards made by my co-worker Ervina!

My little brother’s 13th birthday card. I miss that kid!


Father’s Day Card for my Dad!


My little nieces 2nd birthday card! I miss her so much and can’t believe that she’s 2 already.


I still have to get a card together for my Dad’s 50th…holy terds and my sister’s birthday as well. Man lots of summer babies..lots of winter lovin 😉

Ok, gotta get back to tabulating survey results, call kids, run around, order food, BLAH! I love LOVE being busy. The one thing that I haven’t done..is let my exercise go. I am focused. 🙂

2 thoughts on “When it Rains it POURS

  1. runningshoes89 says:

    thanks for checking out my blog! i totally know what you mean about finding the emotional cause of bingeing .. before just a couple weeks ago, i never really sat down and THOUGHT about WHY i binge .. now that i’m taking the time to evaluate my emotions and what triggers my binges, i can finally start to take responsibility for them and lessen their frequency.

    love your blog – i will definitely be a regular reader 🙂

    • Mish says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Getting to the root of the binge is where it’s at. It takes time be patient with yourself.

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