Ok..I admit it..I binged


After my post this morning…I was feeling pretty good. However, I didn’t have a good breakfast

P1011891P1011892A pear and sweet potatoe for breakfast. grr.

At 11 I was hungry..more stress hungry..so I got chicken rice paper rolls.

P10118941/2 of an apple

P1011895Then I got into it. 2 oreos and 6 gingersnaps and 1 TB of jam later..I binged. I didn’t eat enough today, I had not snacks with me, I am EXHAUSTED, I am stressed out and I wanted sugar.

That’s right..I binged.

I get where it’s coming from. I am so excited to talk with my counsellor on Friday about how I can overcome being off of a diet and not letting it all go. When you’re dieting and super strict on yourself…you have ‘off days’ when you don’t listen to your body and shove everything in your face. Tomorrow starts a new day.

How do I got off a diet totally and not go off the rails with my eating?

How do I trust myself to listen to my body and not get overcome by emotional and/or unhealthy eating for my current body situation?

I decided to end the day with a sane meal. I munched a about 1 c. of sweet potatoes and 1 pear and felt yet another binge coming on. I told myself it’s because I wasn’t going to eat dinner. Limiting my food intake always makes me want to rebel. So I made some skinny hummus–with kidney beans–and sauteed veggies and tofu up for an awesome gluten free wrap sandwhich.

P1011896I am so tired right now I want to throw up. Have you ever gotten that tired before?

Gotta go and get caught up with the Skinny Jeans Challenge. Ending this SATURDAY..can you believe it?

2 thoughts on “Ok..I admit it..I binged

  1. healthy ashley says:

    I am proud of you for ending your day with a good meal. I am sorry you binged because I know how frustrating it is… BUT… notice how great it is that you can pinpoint why you binged! That’s a big step towards control. Maybe you can make/bring more go-to snacks that are healthy, fit in your diet and can keep your belly full to prevent a binge? Good luck- I’m here for you!

    • Mish says:


      Thank you for being behind me. I’ll have to admit that I continued to binge last night. I got myself together after reading ‘The Secret’. I am off to Timor in two days and am so excited. I survived a conference with conference food today.

      For that I am happy.


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