I have some awesome things that I am going to be bringing up once I get back from Timor. I don’t want to discuss them right now, cause I am still mulling over exactly what I want to write about. I’ll just say that it’s been sparked by the book ‘The Secret’ and Caitlin’s Operation Beautiful.

I don’t exactly know what is going to change about me and/or this blog, but now that I am growing, seeking, and believing in myself for the first time in my life.

Today was a day when I could have and normally would have blown it. However, I DIDN’T. I actually packed my own food. I started the morning off with a gluten free wrap w/ some Skinny Hummus w/ kidney beans, 1 tb of tomato paste, 3 egg white, onion and red pepper. YUMMY! I was full until 11:30am.


Then I actually took my cut up sweet potato, carrot, cucumber and hummus up to the cater and asked them to store it. If you’re wondering why I’d do that, it’s due to health issues…read In A Nutshell. Anyways, I snacked on a pear before lunch and had about three cups of peppermint tea.

P1011898So I asked the cater to simply microwave my sweet potato for me. I am not high maintenance about my food, unless it has stuff my gut hates. I saw her a lunchtime and she goes ‘The Chef feels so bad for you, so he’s going to properly cook your meal for you’. How sweet was that? This is what I got sent up!

P1011899That was the nicest thing that could have been been presented to me. I add my 1/4 c. of hummus that I brough along to it and all say that I had a damn good lunch. I secretly think I was the envy of most 🙂

I then snacked on about 2 big pieces of cantaloupe, honey dew and 2 small pieces of watermelon and a handful of grapes. When i get home I had about 1/3 of a gluten free warp w/ a smear of hummus and 1 carrot.

Dinner was a quick pasta salad of sorts.

P1011900It was a small onion, 6-7 snow peas, one small chili, 2 tsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of peanut butter, 50g. of gluten free pasta, and 75g of firm tofu. Yummy!

I have had a huge pumpkin in my house for honestly about two weeks. Since I am leaving for Timor in TWO DAYS! I decided that I needed to use it up. So I wedged it up and roasted it for about 1hour. I LOVE LOVE LOVER ROASTED PUMPKIN!

P1011901I ate abouit 1 1/2 c. of roasted pumpkin…I can that an awesome possum dessert. I am inventing and working on some recipes..stay tuned. Let’s just say..I think that the green monster might have a new challenger.

I am off to complete the SJC for today and hopefully peel my tired eyes off of my head. Cause I am f-ing tired. Yes I can! Yes I can!


5 thoughts on “Roasted

  1. Ashley says:

    It sounds like things are indeed changing for you. I’m interested in reading the Secret too. Your are going to Timor?? That’s so exciting! And yeah, I’d envy your lunch too. That sweet potato looks awesome!

    • Mish says:


      Things are’s the beauty of life 🙂 ‘The Secret’ is such an interesting book..def. worth a read. It’s short and manageable. I love pumpkin. I had it for brekky..will post later.


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