A little glimpse into my fish bowl

Here’s a little, LITTLE, glimpse into what I’ve experienced so far when travelling into Dili, my way up and the things which encompass my every day.

The view from the plane as you land at the Dili Airport. UN planes and helicopters. I have never been to a place where I have seen such things. Come to find out tonight, that from 2006-2007 Dili was a violent place to be. And only 10 years ago there was Guerrilla Warfare. It’s fine now..honestly…I feel totally safe. The interesting aspect of Dili is that it is FULL of ‘international development’ officials who live on huge salaries in a place where you can feed a family on less than $3.00. The spectrum of income is pretty amazing.


This is a picture of the ocean from Dili whilst drinking fresh coconut water and eating the flesh with a coconut spoon. If you’ve never done this, you haven’t lived.


One of the best things about Timor is that the food is all ORGANIC AND FREE RANGE. The epitome of the western world where we spend more money, effort to find such wholesome abundance. These are shots after picking up bananas 1/2 way from Dili to Bakhita Centre. Anders–a flattering picture and some bananas. They taste like they’ve been injected with honey–organic baby!


This is the view from my shipping container room. I sleep inside of a mosquito net. I got bit by a spider. Go figure.


This is looking up, from the clinic, to the Bakhita Centre. Those stairs…they are killer. You often think to yourself ‘Do I really need to go to the clinic?’. However, it’s great for working off the breakfast of fried bread and sweet potato..not even lying about that.


This my friends is the reason that I came to Timor. Freshly roasted coffee strong enough to knock you over. AMAZING!


Sorry there’s no drama around my blog post today. It was just one of those relaxed days. I am headed to Dili at 4:30am tomorrow morning to head on a ferry to an Island. Super excited. It’s going to be a long day.

I am struggling a bit with my eating and body image..it goes through these flows of up and down. Say a little prayer or a happy thought.

Signing off..one tired cookie.

3 thoughts on “A little glimpse into my fish bowl

  1. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Ah so that is Anders. He looks exactly as I imagined!

    The food sounds wonderful. It all sounds wonderful.

    Sleep well, tired cookie. Or tired biscuit as I should perhaps say, being English.

    • Mish says:

      Good question. I need to get my Nursing Degree. But that can be done in the USA as well. Decisions, decisions.

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