Insight through Timor’s food

A lot of people would ask me: “What are you going to be doing in Timor?”

I would respond: “Not too sure really. Just enjoy the experience. However, Anders did mention writing a cookbook. So, yeah probably being in a kitchen a lot”

I have to say that the food in Timor has a lot of salt and oil. HOWEVER, the way that they eat it so different from the way that we eat. Instead of minimal rice and tons of mains…they eat tons of rice (no oil and/or salt) and little mains (salt/oil).



Morning coffee. Liquid Heaven


Boiled sweet potato.


Boiled Tapioca Root. When I first saw it I thought to myself ‘where’s the butter?’. However, after eating doesn’t need butter. It’s honestly amazing on it’s own.


Paun–bread. Made at night, left to rise, then cooked over a campfire. Amazing!


Fried/salted sweet potatoes. Honestly, I could have eaten the whole plate. But didn’t. I loved them. They’re amazing.



Eggplant w/ a cooked cabbage, hard boiled egg, and tuna salad


“Bok Choy” w/ mushrooms, sweet potato leaves and fried hard boiled eggs


Fried Tofu and Temphe in a tomato sauce–amazing!, the most amazing salad ever and fried veggies.


Beans slow cooked for hours w/ carrots, potatoes, green veggies…so tasty..not even going to lie about it.


Fried chicken…so tasty. I swear it’s all in the salt.


Ramen Noodle/2 Minute noodle dish


“Beefy” slow cooked beef w/ egg and amazingness. It was so good



These little small bananas that were sold by road side vendors was honestly the best thing ever. They tasted like they had been injected with honey. Man they were delicious!


Fried/salted bananas—delcious

It’s been interesting coming back. The first day back in Darwin I could feel myself slipping back into my old eating patterns, because everything that I had ‘missed’ was there for me. Then I went to bed with a sick belly and thought to myself..this is stupid.

Sunday was good.

Today at work I struggled. I really struggled. I binged on cookies. Then I thought to myself ‘you’re eating because you’re wanting to avoid work and stress’. I forgave myself. I get it know. I understand my body and am not giving into the crap that I used to get myself into. I am not putting energy into the old patterns that I had. It’s so easy to slip into them. It’s so easy to fall back into the emotional dependency of food/crappy relationships that have once consumed my life.

Nope…not going to do it.

“It’s okay to get down once in awhile–as long as you don’t get down on yourself!”

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