Like an apple..what’s @ your CORE?

“I want you to imagine that you are in a place that you can go back to whenever you need”

“You are strong, peaceful, rooted”

“You then are able to have the freedom like a butterfly in the place. Anything that has held you back is now gone, it’s not an issue anymore. You are able to fly and be at peace with whatever decision you need, want and/or desire”

If I was standing anywhere it would be in my house, on my pink yoga mat in the Warrior Two pose, shaking from holding it for ever..sweating…

warrior two

with butterflies flying out of my chest.

butterlfies flying

Strong, powerful, free.

“I want you to imagine now, that you are doing something that you’ve always dreamed of doing. The place where you feel that you have purpose, that you’re surrounded by the things which mean most to you. Where you feel the most authentic.”

volnurseI want to be in Africa, or some third world country doing nursing. I also invisioned myself with my own kids strapped to me with a piece of fabric, married to a man who I adore, admire, and share a passion for working overseas. I just smile when I think of this. I honestly can’t wait to get going on the passions that I have in life. I can’t describe to you the overwhelming feeling I get when I think about working and/or vol. overseas. It feels like my life’s purpose is defined. Harnassed in. Clear. Focused. Spot On. Fulfilling.

What would your place that you could retreat to look like?
What would you be doing?

What would you being doing if you could fulfill your life’s purpose?

3 thoughts on “Like an apple..what’s @ your CORE?

  1. Dinneen-Eat Without Guilt says:

    Okay, WHERE did you get those quotes in purple? Or did you write them yourself? I LOVE to use visualization with my clients as it helps them so much. What you have there is really great!

    I’m happy to say I’ve lived in “my retreat” in the past, and each chapter of my life brings me to a different retreat.

    I’m also happy (no, delighted!) that I’m living my life’s purpose RIGHT NOW. Helping emotional or binge eaters…and women who’ve had success in many areas of their life but STILL battle with the scale….and that’s one of my life’s purpose. I’m blessed.

    And working with them I not only help them w/food & eating, but with living a more purposeful life. Because when you do, the food and eating become easy & natural and no longer a struggle.

    You are on a wonderful journey 🙂

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