The power of thought

I had this realisation today…you are what you believe.



I have been thinking so much about my life…my hopes…my dreams.

Do you ever think about these things? Do you ever examine what you ACTUALLY think about yourself?

I decided that I was going to change my thinking…

I am no longer a binge eater (I have honestly thought that I couldn’t kick being a binge eater. It’s almost like everytime I binged it was like ‘well, this is expected it’s been _____ days since your last binge. You will probably never really overcome this anyways. You need to feel full)

I am beautiful (I have always equated my beauty with the number on a scale or the reduction in a pants size. I feel beautiful)

I am strong (There’s been times when I’ve felt strong. However, I’ve felt weak recently, like I can’t EVER overcome the things which are holding me back.)

I don’t need gluten, sugar, or dairy (Since I’ve had them cut out of my diet, check ‘In a Nutshell‘, I have felt intense cravings for them. To the point where I am always promising myself a’ new day tomorrow’ while I shove the last bit of something in my mouth)

What things are YOU..things that you’re going to change to overcome the obstacles that you’ve placed in your path of happiness/fulfilment/growth?

You are what you think you are.

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