A ‘Secret’ Giveaway

This is a giveaway that you don’t want to miss out on…I promise.

It’s so good…it’s a ‘Secret’ one!

I am giving away ‘The Secret’

secret book

It has been a book that has helped me tremendously get through the dark clouds.

I am also giving away some love to go with your secret…it’s like a secret love affair..isn’t that exciting?

  • Tea–organic and of your choosing (I love peppermint or Roobios)
  • Chocolate–organic and of your choosing
  • Yummy soaps–ohh yummy soaps 🙂

So..here’s the go…are you ready?

Respond to this question: What do you think that ‘secret’ ingredient to life is?

Press on ‘Leave a Comment’ at the top of this post to enter.

Contest ends at 8am on Thursday morning July 30th or 8pm on Wednesday night July 29th east coast time in America. Open to anyone in the whole WORLD!

9 thoughts on “A ‘Secret’ Giveaway

  1. Zoe MacLean says:

    The “Secret” ingredient of life? To be passionate about something. I reckon you can’t just let life slip by, you have to grab hold of something you love and create you life around that. Whether you are passionate about a hobby, your career, starting a family, history, tradition, culture, helping others, it doesn’t matter. So long as you keep your passion alive. I’m passionate about helping people, about travelling, about experiencing the world, and as I’m only 18, I’m still exploring ways to create my life around that. Ever noticed how people with a purpose in life are happier? People who are working toawrds or because of a passion of theirs. That’s definitely the key ingredient to a great life.

  2. Michelle says:

    Ooo what a good giveaway…

    I believe the secret ingredient to life is one that is so often the most overlooked yet simple…kindness.

    People try and come up with so many ways to fix lifes problems…miracle products and activities and medicines and so on and so on.

    But think about it…on a really shit day what is the easiest way to feel better? experiencing an act of kindness…or giving an act of kindness.

    On my worst days, when nothing seems to go right it seems that it can mostly be forgotten as soon as I experience or give away even the simplest form of kindness…a friendly chat with a stranger, a short phone call from/to a loved one, a nice compliment or form of encouragement, a hug…

    and whats really great about kindness is everyone has it within themselves 🙂

    I enjoy keeping up with your blog Mish! 🙂

  3. Melanie says:

    Good answers! I think the secret ingredient (or at least one of the top three) is realizing that you have the ability to control your own destiny. Not just paying that concept lip service, but that moment when you really get it, and actually start doing something about it. That’s when the magic starts 🙂

  4. Courtney says:

    I think the secret to life is living in the moment. Appreciating what we already have. Not what we need, or think we need or want. I think it’s family and friends.

  5. Michelle says:

    Oooh this is such a great question/giveaway! I think the secret ingredient to life is faith. It doesn’t matter what your faith is in, just faith in something. Faith that on your best days your happiness will continue and that you can make someone else’s hard day a little better. And faith that on your worst days, your experiences are only making you a stronger, better person and are leading you back to happy days again.

  6. Rosetta says:

    I think the secret ingredient is love. Not just romantic love but love for each other as God loves us, forgives us and blesses us.

  7. burpexcuzme says:

    Secret ingredient is love. Love yourself, love God, love others. And feeling the love from God, from others, too. That gives us peace and happiness, and ultimate success in life.

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