As part of the on-going series of ‘F-Words of Success’ I bring to you Part 2: Faith!

I am not here to preach about religious order, spirituality, etc.

Instead I think it’s about having faith in yourself.

Do you believe that you’ll achieve that things that you ‘wish’ you had?
Do you think that you have what it takes to overcome the obstacles in the way?
Do you know yourself enough not to be swayer into a direction you don’t want to be in?
Do you have faith in the world around you to give you what you need?

I do believe that the answer those questions, for some, maybe rooted in a faith—religion—that enables them to find strength outside and within themselves.

I also believe that in order to get to a place where you believe your own strength, with or without religion, you honestly have to believe in yourself.

There have been many times, especially recently, where I have not believed in my own abilities. There have been days when I have thought the only thing that I could give to myself was a binge filled night, a smaller scale number for someone else, an avoidance of a social situation because I didn’t want to be seen in public.

Beyond weight I have doubted myself in work situations, academic etc. The ironic thing is that I would label myself as a perfectionist to the core…the irony being that in order to be perfect, you would have to have a lot of faith in yourself..wouldn’t you?

So I guess one way to start thinking about faith for yourself is:

  • What things do you have faith in outside of yourself?
  • What aspects of YOU do you have faith in?
  • What aspects of you DON’T you have faith in?
    • What small things can you do to change these?

As we said in Elementary school ‘tag you’re it!’…I’ll start.

What things do I have faith in outside of myself?

  • My family
  • My friends
  • God
  • That I will become a nurse
  • I will travel overseas as a nurse and one day get to Africa

What are aspects of myself that I do have faith in?

  • Ability to get the job done
  • Plan, organise events for large or small groups of people
  • Forgive people
  • Academic abilities
  • Mental strength if I am determined
  • Financially be responsible
  • Care for my family, even if I am not there physically

What aspects don’t I have faith in, in myself? // How can I change these thoughts?

  • Find a partner
    • This is all tied up to me being the weight that I am right now. I have always thought to myself ‘If I am a bit thinner, than I would be able to find someone…then I’d be truly happy’.
  • Lose the last 35 lbs
    • This is something that 1 year ago I wouldn’t have even thought about. I was honestly at this time last year 20lbs thinner than I am right now. I wasn’t happy though and boy did I show it. However, for some f-ing reason that idea of losing the last thirty pounds in the most highly energetic thing that swirls around in my mind—all day long. It induces days of not wanting to hang out with people, and binges. I am getting better at all of these things. However, I do find the thought of losing it exhausting and overwhelming.
      • The thing with makes me really sad, is that when I started writing this list..I actually paused for a second ‘Michelle, do you really think that you can’t do this?’ I really wanted to place it in the list above..and affirmation that for a moment wouldn’t be validated by the ever consuming thoughts. However, I am here to be honest. Yes! That’s how I feel..most of the time.
      • This is sad. This realisation pisses me off.
  • Get into a fitness routine that I enjoy
    • I am feeling really uninspired lately. Maybe it’s because I am so pissed off about the weight that I ironically don’t want to work out. Isn’t that silly?
    • I am going to make a goal of moving for at least 30-60 minutes five days a week. I don’t care if it’s yoga, walking, running, biking, soccering..whatever. It gets my brain into such a clear space that it’s unavoidable how important exercise is to me.

Just writing this..and maybe it helps you as well..has really hit me.

So what if I’ve gained the weight back. You’ll get it off.

So what if you don’t have a partner…you’ll get one…and then you wont want one..jk.

Fitness, Michelle, isn’t about running marathons and climbining mountains—right now. It’s about loving your body and moving.

Like I said..this is about finding faith in who you are through whatever conduits you find serve you best. It maybe meditation, running, hiking, baking, praying, etc. Whatever it maybe…may you find faith in your abilities to achieve those things that you want.

So..what’s on your list? Tag, you’re it!

Life.Life.Fully ~M

3 thoughts on “Faith

  1. abbynormally says:

    When I struggle with being a perfectionist, it’s when I’m least satisfied with who I am. But I need to have faith that God and my family and friends love me for who I am and God will use me both in spite of and because of my faults! It’s when I recognize that that I am both satisfied with who I am and what I have become and gives me the drive to keep going!
    I love love love this post! You’re doing great things!

  2. Marie Goocher says:

    Hi Mish,
    I’m trying to catch up—-I’ve been so busy and got behind. Is “Living LifeFully” going away, or will you only be updating Eatingjourney ?

    Take care,

    • Mish says:

      I think that I am going to stay here. I like the feel of this blog. I had to spend time away. I have been a bit scattered, but I feel better here.

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