This is a first of about five more posts which are going to focus on the ‘F-Words of Success’..that’s heard it! The ‘F-Words of Success’



I have had such a great weekend this weekend. Lets just say that Friday night was an absolute blast!

I may have had way too much to drink on an empty stomach and then karaoked the following song.

Let’s just say that I am so grateful for my parents who raised me on 70s/80s/90s rock..otherwise it wouldn’t have been such a hit. I do recall getting an applause at the end. I should mention that I sang with one of Vaughn’s friend, Katy, who I met that night. She is super fun.

We then went out of un-pictured food at Moon. It was awesome. However, at 11pm on an empty stomach greasy food is all that you want. I had nothing but greasy food—did somehow manage to steer clear of the sour cream. Even in a drunken state I could tell myself that dairy is NOT a good thing 🙂

However, I would like to mention something and that is that food is an incredibly important part of one’s discovery in balance in life. I bring this topic up as a follow up to my ‘Plant-Like’ post that I wrote on Friday. How do we find peace and balance in our lives?

I am going to be writing about this over the next couple of days about the ‘F-Words of Success’, because I think it’s important to share my journey with you..not because I like to talk about myself, but rather as a way for me to better understand this aspect of my developing life so that I have hold onto it..and share it with others…as weird as that may sound.


I love food. In fact I loved food so much that I was almost 300lbs at one point in my life. I remember going to Lane Bryant and thinking ‘if I don’t start losing weight I won’t be able to fit into the clothes anymore, because the 26/28 are going to be too small’.

fat thanksgiving.4

These are some of the things which I was eating when I first started needing to lose weight.


I then got on track with the help of a diet plan and lost around 120lbs. However, I was eating CRAP when I was on this diet plan.


Nutrasweet, ff/sugar free garbage, Diet Pepsi, coffee, Crystal Light. You name it I was eating it all in the efforts to taste something that I was missing, but really poisoning my body.

I wonder sometimes if the health issues that I have been dealing with over the past year is due to the garbage that I put into my body the whole time. They are simply toxins..and I get that now. Believe me it is NOT easy at times to be Diet Pepsi free…and the moment that I start drinking one, I remember why I can’t stand them anymore.

Instead my life is about whole foods, simply goodness that gives me the best that the body can handle.


P1012793Of course there are times when I fall back. I mean…to be honest I am not perfect. However, after nine months of binging and gaining weight I have come to terms with the no dairy/gluten and limited sugar regime that my body loves.

If you’re beginning out, try and replace things which have many processed foods with whole grains, nuts, dairy (if you can eat it), TEA, and other non-processed goodness. At times it’s hard to kick the physiological and mental connections to that 100 calorie packet of crap, and sugar free ice cream. What I’ve learned is that if you want ice cream..have the real stuff…but only a little. That’s all you honestly need.

Food for me is the emotional crutch that is difficult to unwind at times. It has been an incredibly love/hate relationship with my whole being over the past eight years. It has been my high, my low, my coping mechanism, and security. I won’t lie and say that at times it is incredibly hard to not listen to my head talk that I should eat more, or that I blew it, or that I am never going to lose the weight.

Here’s to wholesome..amazing food.

Live.Life.Fully ~M

Keep watching for more post on the ‘F-Words of Success’ this week.

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