Ants on a Log

Hey there,

Today has been one of those days where it took a bit to get going..but once 3pm came around I finally got the urge and FOCUS to start working.

Does that ever happen to you? I swear that I am FOR SURE a 3pm-midnight worker.

Serve of the Vegetable Bean ‘Crock-Pot’ soup. It was good. I coupled it with 2 very small organic carrots and homemade skinny hummus. Maybe a chocolate bar snuck in.


I then drank about four cups of tea. I am really REALLY trying to stop from snacking at work. I notice that food at work is a distraction from doing work. I’d mindlessly eat all day long at my computer if I allowed myself to. Instead I check gossip columns, chat it up on Twitter, and maybe check my Farmville on Facebook. (if you don’t have a should get one).

I then came home and went straight to the store with my friend Nicole because we needed to get into the grocery store. One of the nice things about Australia is that they place a heavy emphasis on family, ie no grocery store except over-priced ones are open past 7pm.

I came home and put the remaining of the Vegetable Bean ‘Crock-Pot’ Soup in 1 c. serves. They look like an army in my freezer.


I am telling you…getting yourself organised to have meals is pretty much the most amazing thing ever. I love knowing that I have food ready and that it can be eaten within a flash.

I then came home and had some leftovers for dinner. Nicole and I tried to watch the new episode of Gossip Girl online, but we couldn’t find anything that would stream the final five minutes—HELLO the most important part of the WHOLE episode.


I then wanted something to eat. I did find ice cream and an annoyed to say that I had about 3 TB. Stupid. It’s ok..tomorrow I won’t. Instead of shoveling it into my face 🙂 I cut a celery stalk in half w/ about 1 ½ heaping TB of natural peanut butter and 1 TB of raisins. ANTS ON A LOG!

You can’t take the goodness away from something so fantastic.

Well I am off to read more of the Mindless Eating book that I talked about earlier today. I am going to be working on a new post, post 4, of the FWordsSuccess. of It’s gonna be a hard post to write for me, because of the six that I am going to talk about…this is the one I am STRUGGLING with the most.

So..what childhood food do you still enjoy?


2 thoughts on “Ants on a Log

  1. healthy ashley says:

    I love your little army of soup 🙂 It’s a tasty army!

    I love tea. When I worked in an office I definitely drank my fair share. It does help me not snack!

    I still love hot chocolate. I drank it all the time when I was a kid and drinking it now bring back memories 😉

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