Focus on the light. Focus on the image in front of you…do you see it yet?


Perception…life is all about perception isn’t it?

So what does it mean to be focused?

For me focus comes in a couple different ways..of which I hope to help you find a way that will help you in any way that you’re needing to find focus in your life. The one which I have been really focusing, no pun intended, and struggling with overcoming are negative thoughts.

SO what did I do? What are some ways that may work for YOU to find focus in your life?

I changed my thinking to positive, in the moment affirmations!

  1. I can’t ever get rid of the weight I am losing weight
  2. Food will always be an issue Food isn’t an issue, because I know that I am at peace with food.
  3. I will try and give up sugar I have given up all refined sugar, because I am healing my body.
  4. I hate the way I look I are beautiful no matter what anyone else thinks you need to be, I have gorgeous hair, an amazing smile, and calf muscles that make strangers compliment you on.
  5. I will try and get out of bed to work out I did this morning. I love the feeling afterwards.
  6. I will go for a walk later I will go for a walk later. Promises I make to yourself are always completed.
  7. I can’t seem to stop binging I am not a binger anymore, because I cope with my emotions in different ways.
  8. If I am at a party, I will always overeat At a party I will meet three new people and know that food isn’t the only part of the party. I can be an any situation where there’s food and no overeat.
  9. I wish that I was thin like I used to be I am happier with my inner soul than I was when I was thin. I want to be healthy, and I do not compare myself to any other moment then this one.

I was reading my above list to my friend and then I said to her ‘do you ever deal with negative thoughts?

She looked at me, her thin body, great smiled, intelligence, and goes ‘yeah, everyday. Everyone does.”

I then asked her ‘well what do you deal with?”

Here are her responses:

  1. I will never measure up to what my parents want I am in Grad School
  2. I will never be able to stop running

I then asked her “have you ever figured out why you’re running?”

She goes, ‘So I can be away from my family. So that they can only be a part of my success.”

I asked back “Why are you afraid of your parents knowing that you making mistakes?”

She thinks, then goes: “I am the good child” “I am the good child, that one that they successfully raised. Hoped that they would have raised. I am out there creating a life for myself.”

I probed more,“Do you feel that you’re compensating for your brother?”

“All the time” “I feel like I should be chasing opportunities”

I show this response, because need to get to the ROOTS of the reasons what you’re struggling with something. Sometimes you can do it one your own..sometimes someone needs to tease it out…think of it like a hair knot.

3.   I will never have my older brother back He’s still there, he’s just different.

When I said the things to my friend they sounded silly. Really, Michelle! You let this shit flow through your brain all day long. You’re better than that.

I came across a post the Angela wrote ‘How to Beat Negative Thinking: Part 2’. She does outline the above strategy of changing negative thoughts into positive ones in this post. However, I loved these 3 things:

One- Catch Your Negative Thoughts

How it works: What you do is create a Paper Clip Chain by adding a paper clip for every negative thought that you have.

For example, if you think, ‘Oh my boss is going to think I did a bad job on this task’ that equals 1 paperclip.

I am going to be doing this tomorrow…I’ll post how many times I have a negative thought. Should be interesting

Two- Think Yourself Positive

Another tip from Angela..start thinking of yourself as positive.

Three- Make Someone smile.

Angela also talks about how paying a random compliment to someone not only makes their day, but it makes someone else day. A way to do this, which I love, is to leave an Operational Beautiful Note around.


Caitlin does amazing things. You can’t beat this! It’s a good thing!

I think that this helps to bring the focus of your life not only in making yourself more positive, but it will give you something to do outside of your normal days routine.

I just love those ideas from Angela. Further, I would encourage you to:

Listen to Your Heart

I go to a counsellor. She’s the most amazing woman that I’ve ever met. One of the things that she always says to me is ‘hit your head and turn your mind off’… ‘listen to your heart, your body, shut your thoughts off’

I reminds me of the little arcade game where you hit the hedgehogs with the mallet

korean arcade gameOk..maybe not just like this.

But I think in order to focus sometimes you have to shut off the negative thoughts, the ‘what if’s’ behind. You have to listen to what you want to do in life and go with it.


  • Jenna is a full-time blogger and quit working in a bakery after it wasn’t what she wanted.
  • Angela quit her job and started a bakery.
  • Caitlin just quit her job and is full-time blogging and going to school.
  • Ashley is thinking about physical therapy school—but is toying with it.
  • Ree started blogging and is now a bloody sensation.
  • Roni has about a million websites…and she maintains them out of a place of goodness and giving back.
  • Diane shares her journey, thoughts, tips about a maintained weight loss that is so personal and awesome. I LOVE reading her blog.

They listen to their hearts, they are doing what they love, it shows. They have a focus about their lives which is important and they go for it.

Have Faith

Like I wrote about before, have faith in who your are. What your positive thoughts are. Where you want to be.

There are many ways to bring Focus into your life. For me, it’s about being honest with my feelings, where I want to be in my heart, and learning to acknowledge and counter-act my negative thoughts.

Focus on what you want. Where you want to be. Believe in this.

How do you find focus in your life?


p.s. The ‘Magic Eye’ photo at the top of the post has a whale in it!

7 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Angela (Oh She Glows) says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I am glad that my post helped you. I really enjoyed reading this. I too have been inspired by other bloggers taking control of their happiness. I think we can all take over the world some day!!! hahahahaha!!

    How do I stay focused?
    Lists…lots of to do lists. I have one in G-Calendar for each area. One for fitness (running). My fitness bucket list also has given me GREAT focus!

    • Mish says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I am in LOVE with google calenders..thank you. I am going to make a fitness and life bucket this weekend. You’re such an inspiration. Thank you.

  2. Diane Fit to the Finish says:

    Thanks for the mention. I do love what I do, and I love seeing people like yourself go through a transformation not just in your physical body, but in your mind and heart.

    You have done amazing things. I love what your friend showed us in this post. It’s not about what you look like, but what you feel.
    Congratulations on all you have accomplished.

  3. Michelle says:

    Haha I definitely did not see the whale… I think my eyes are too tired right now. How do I find focus? Keeping my eye on the “goal” (being done with school, starting my “real” life) and constantly telling myself that all of the choices I’ve made in my life and leading me one step closer.

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