For Every Bench…

Hey there,

I have been at home all day long not feeling all that well


Studying for a HUGE FINAL exam in my Microbiology class.


Why Microbio?

Well, I am going to be going to nursing school (yes my 3rd degree) starting in Feb 2010. I asked if I could take a microbiology class as part of my staff privileges at work and I was granted. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking.

I haven’t gotten nearly as much as I wanted to get done. I am stress do-er, a night owl. Can’t shake the college mentality..can I?

I also snacked a lot all day…nothing terrible..just procrastinating.

I remembered back to the post that I wrote last night, Focus, and how Angela was catching her negative thoughts with paper clips.

Well, I did some tallying today…


15 negative thoughts in the past six hours. That’s a lot. It’s really good though to keep track of them, it’s tangible evidence that I can overcome negative thoughts.

To get out of my house, I decided to go on another 1 hour walk with my friend Nicole. We have been going on big long walks for about the past week, now that the weather is getting better.

We walked down to South Beach 🙂

south beachWe did tricep dips on the bench, step-ups on the concrete wall and plie squats. I told her, ‘from now on, for every bench we see on a walk, 10 dips, step-ups or push-ups’. It maybe walking..but this is power-filled, toned-up walking!

Came home and had this!

P1012824It’s a new recipe that I’ve made up. I think I am going to call it ‘Everything but the Kitchen Sink Beef Stew’. It’s so simple and so good.

I had mine with a little asparagus (don’t overcook these bad boys)

P1012827Nicole loved hers!


So what simple moves can you add at your desk or on your runs/walks to add a little strength conditioning?


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