Good morning!

This is the only sunshine that I will be seeing today


That’s right, backs of buildings with sunshine creeping through 😦

I am slaving away at this

P1012842See there’s even three coffee little soldiers battling through with me…with me in Microbiology.

I have about 4 hours more of study. 1 hour of note consolidation..and then 3 hours of review ‘cramming’ ‘stuffing’ my brain with information–25 chapters worth. SICK!

On a fun note, here’s part of my key-chain…made in South Africa.


Do you have a token of luck in big events like exams/prayer/ritual?


2 thoughts on “HUGE Exam

  1. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Oh good luck with the exam.

    I never did have a good luck charm. Lots of people did, the exam hall would be full of little teddies and other lucky items. I used to be good at exams so perhaps I didn’t need luck. If I went to take one now my desk would be so covered in lucky charms there would be no space to do any work.

    The Freo sky is just so blue. It is never that blue here. I miss Freo.

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