Letting it in

Good Morning there! It’s a GLORIOUS Sunday morning here in Australia. Man it’s hard when it’s winter here and all of my bloggies are in the throws of Summer. However, I am reminded when it’s Spring here that the GLORIOUS Perth summer is amoung me!

Then I feel better!

Speaking of feeling better, I am feeling better this morning. For some reason, maybe it’s being really exhausted with studying from my exam, a bit of emotional stuff, and trying to make a decision about universities…I’ve been needing a LOT of sleep.

I didn’t wake up til 11am yesterday morning. I slept for 8 ½ hours last night. Even snuck in a nap yesterday arvo. WHO AM I?

Anyways, this morning I am going to be going to a new church.

Going to a new church brings a HIGH level of anxiety.

I have never found a church where I’ve felt myself, where I’ve felt the message is something that I can identify with and where I feel that people are genuine.

I am not one for the ‘glossed over’ approach of everyone being super cheerful to me, when they don’t know who I am. I just want to be treated like a normal human being, where I can be myself. Perhaps it’s a very critical sieve that I am sifting many churches through, and I acknowledge that.

I am going to be open, let this experience into my soul. I really mean this.

I am craving a spiritual journey beyond the personal one that I’ve gone on. I think sometimes when people say that they’ve ended up finding religion at some point in their life, have to at some point attribute it to the fact that they started a personal journey, which they owned, to let something in their lives which they may have shut out at some point.

I believe that’s where I am at.

I am not here to say that you should let God/Buddha/Muhammad in. I don’t care what you believe.

What I do care, is that you’re nurtured in all levels in your life. That’s finding balance.

How do you nurture your spiritual side?


4 thoughts on “Letting it in

  1. Diane Fit to the Finish says:

    I hope that the church you visit meets all your needs. I am of the Christian faith, and some days I’m not sure how I would get through all that happens in my life without my faith.

    You are just evolving and changing every time I read your writings. I’m so happy for you.

    Hope your Sunday was wonderful.

    • Mish says:

      It’s so true. Why is it so scary to let God in? This is the question I am going to be thinking about? FOr me it’s more than just letting God in..it’s letting myself in..does that make sense?

  2. Lance says:

    Hi Mish,
    I find that that a truly meaningful spiritual journey is very much a personal one. Religion is one way to foster that journey, if you find the right connection. Like Diane, I’m Christian, and my faith has played a big part in who I am, and been both a post to lean on during difficult time, and a brightly shining light in all times. I wish you well on your journey, and that it’s one that leads you to that place within where you connect with that spiritual being within…

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