Bride to Be

Good Arvo…that’s what they’d say here in Oz.

This morning I woke up..kinda…and went on a gorgeous walk with my friend Sarah!


Yeah, not a 6:45am person on a Saturday morning. We had a great conversation, as we always do. She’s such an amazing person and I adore her five year old son. He makes me smile pretty much all the time.

I then came home and was OVERWHELMED with the response to the RENEW Giveaway! If you haven’t entered yet–do. They’re being homemade by Angela @OhSheGlows and @GloBakery.

I then got breakfast ready for my friend Tara.


She’s American and has lived in Australia for about 5 years. Last year she met an Australian boy and is getting married this year. We had gluten free pancakes w/ fruit and eggs.


We talked about everything. Especially her wedding stuff 🙂 I can’t make it to her wedding in January in the states 😦 But it was so nice of her to come and see me today on her short trip over to Perth from where she lives in Oz.

Off to a cafe to do some meal planning for this week–will blog what I decide later today:)

Then off to a haircut….what shall I do? I don’t have a huge attachment to my hair…

Who brings a smile to your face?


One thought on “Bride to Be

  1. missyrayn says:

    Goofy little things bring a smile to my face.

    Like waking up with my dogs sharing my pillow, or my cousins being goofy while playing Mario Kart, or just enjoying spending time with kids.

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