Fresh Herb CPR

(this is the 3rd time that I’ve written this post–internet issues)

This morning started off awesome 🙂 I got up and raced to get ready for church. Realised that my bike tires are Then I threw some mascara on and sprayed a final coat of hair spray over my face. Well, it shot towards my eyes and this is what resulted.


RACCOON EYES! Why does this always happen when you’re in a hurry?

I went to Church..was fantastic. 🙂

I came home and inhaled the leftovers from yesterdays meals of fajita Chicken salad w/ two corn tortillas–no GLUTEN 🙂


I then thought I’d share how I rescued limp cilantro. I always love fresh herbs, but I find that they die quickly if not used. So, I had a little CPR on my cilantro.

Put in a dish of cold water for about 20 minutes.


Pat dry


Put into a plastic bag or container w/ a damp paper towel


It’s that easy 🙂

Ok, I am off to finish my meal planning–will blog about later. Markets here I come–this time with a shopping list 🙂
Don’t forget to enter into the RENEW giveaway…five more hours to go!

What food preservation tricks do you use?


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