RENEW: Results and Insight

Can I just say that when I approached Angela about running a competition for her bars, since she’s just started the shipping of them to the States..I NEVER EVER thought it would generate such a huge response.

So, there were a total of 194 comments. Minus my responses and 1 pingback from Angela’s link left 178 comments that were generated from people.

I texted my friend Nicole (who did not enter this competition) this:


She wrote back this:


THE WINNER! Francesca!!! Congrats Girl!
“When I need to renew my spirit I pray and run. I feel spiritually and emotionally awakened after!”

Here are some other amazing responses–believe I would have put them all down..let me tell ya’ I am totally RENEWED right now. Y’all are some very inspiring people. I hope that if you have time go through the comments on the post…seriously…you’ll feel renewed!

  • Marisa “a trip to the library or bookstore!”
  • Jen “I renew my spirit by taking time for myself and also taking time to think about all the great things in my life.”
  • Allison “taking time away from technology”
  • Megan “Last week during meditation I put on a detoxing face mask it was great!”
  • Kat “I like to have little dates with myself – usually this involves shopping, eating at a cafe, going for a walk/run/bike ride at the park, making a nice dinner and watching a movie with a glass of wine”
  • Sony “I ask my hubby for a gigantic hug! That always makes me feel a million times better.:-)”
  • Stacey “My favorite way to do this: waking up early to get some yoga in with the sun coming in through the windows while the house is still quiet.”
  • Amanda “I renew myself by going out to the horse farm and visiting the babies… I love the little foals”
  • Pam “I like to write notes or send little care packages to my family, friends, and girls I use to babysit for back in Phoenix.”
  • Beth “My other favorite thing is to find a merry-go-round.”
  • Laura “I like to go out dancing to renew my spirit… and I definitely am one to dance like nobody is watching. Feels great!”
  • Kristin “A walk (or a run!) in the rain.”
  • Sarah “Whenever I’m feeling down, I always think about how lucky I am to have an extremely strong support system around me.”

Thank you again to Angela for not only helping along with this awesome giveaway..but for always keeping her spirit in-check and helping many of us renew our own!


4 thoughts on “RENEW: Results and Insight

  1. Angela (Oh She Glows) says:

    Yay! Thanks for doing it hun 🙂 Can’t wait to send Francesca the bars! Please send me your addy Francesca!

  2. Diane Fit to the Finish says:

    I’m just catching up on your posts from the weekend! First of all, I love your hair. It’s so cute on you!!

    I have a hard time staying on the budget I’d like to have and usually end up spending more than I intended. I bet you will do a wonderful job in school and with budgeting.

    Lastly, I hope you have a wonderful day. What a tremondous response to the giveaway. Congrats to Francesca!!

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