Weekly Food for a girl on a budget w/ a funky tummy

Hey there,

I told myself this week that I was going to put myself on a budget. I honestly have never had to put myself on a budget before. However, now that I am going back to school 🙂 I have to think about clamping down on spending.

This starts w/ food…well I have to eat. And I have to eat healthy—I can’t eat Dairy, Gluten or processed sugars. So, Ramen Noodles, cheap frozen meals, pizza, etc. OUT the window if not for my health..but for my waist as well.

So, how do you eat healthy and stay on a budget?

  1. First: Start with what you have.
  2. Second: Get some books, look up recipes, get inspired
  3. Third: Plan of attack
  4. Four: Shop w/ a list and don’t get distracted

So here’s my grid of what I’ve eaten today (Sunday) until Friday of this week.

menu planning

I have to admit, I like to cook. So I can throw things together. However, I KNOW that there are some of you who don’t have it that easy and/or don’t know where to begin.

Don’t panic here are some great sites which might help you with recipes:

  • My own recipes page — has everything labelled for Dairy/Candida/Veg/Vegan/Gluten Free
  • Tasty Kitchen — has gluten, dairy and sugar free tabs
  • Allrecipes.com –great place to punch in the ingredients that you have and things you don’t have…then it will crank out all the recipes which you can cook with.
  • Dawn @ Menu for the week is a great place to start. You even get a whole weeks worth of menus, awesome!
  • FeastontheCheap — GREAT recipes  broken down by cost.
  • MyRecipes — another great recipe website with tons different categories

Sometimes the hardest thing is to get started. I think that the best thing to do is to do things that you know and then start venturing out. If you haven’t or have loved cooking–don’t try to out do yourself. I think that many times, especially if you’re cooking for other people, it’s more that you’re cooking for them…not about blowing their socks off.

Enjoy planning this week, your food. I love planning food. Let me tell you, I spent about 1/2 as much money this week, because I have things planned out. Not only that, but it means that I only have what I need. Which reduces over-eating and eating when I shouldn’t.

So, what are you going to plan this week?


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