A Swift Kick

I need a swift kick…

I wrote the F-Words of Success..and boy was I happy with them. However, I have DREADED the Fitness post, because of the following:

  • I don’t feel like I can be a runner like all of those women who are running races
  • I am having a road block with yoga
  • I am not sleeping enough
  • I feel that working out is to lose weight
  • I don’t really enjoy working out
  • I am feeling lazy and unmotivated

How is that for a list of excuses…can I get an award?


I came across this article by Tracey @ Tropical Happiness…which was actually written by her mama 🙂 I loved the post so much that I had to write about sometime this week…I knew that I needed to find time, because this is where I am. This is where I need to be going.

Tracey’s mom goes on to talks about how if you’re wanting to create a positive ritual around exercise–PICK ME, PICK ME–then you need to create a positive experience around the ritual of getting ready for the exercise.

What’s my current exercise ritual?

  1. Tomorrow I will start
  2. Tonight I will run
  3. Tomorrow I will start
  4. Tonight I will run

…get the picture?

So….how do you start creating a positive ritual?

Here are some questions which I have modified to fit what I wanted to ask myself:

  1. How do I want to add positive change in my life? I want GOING to add exercise into my life for the enjoyment of the exercise, not as a tool to lose weight and not out of guilt. I want to going to add, specifically, yoga every morning for at least 20 minutes coupled with at least three days of cardio per week for at least 45 minutes.
  2. What type of a routine will I create? Each night I will lay my pink mat out on the floor, choose a yoga routine that I am going to do, lay out the pose guide, and get my candle ready.
  3. How will I feel when I am done with the activity that I have planned? challenged, yet relaxed. Accomplished. Happy. Healthy. Toned. Strong. Committed.
  4. How long am I going to do this for? I am going to commit to this regime until Thanksgiving…it will be dubbed ‘UnStuff This Turkey‘. This is my committment to myself to unstuff my negative habits and unstuff my cluttered life.
  5. Who can I stay motivated? THIS is the question. I will blog about it on a page which I am going to be linking up. I will put reminders up on my wall by my bed. I am going to print off this post and tap it to my wall!
  6. What negative or defeating thoughts might creep in? What can I say instead?
  • I am too tired Exercising will make you feel more energized
  • I’ll do it later You may do more exercise later, but you’ve committed to this now
  • Everyone needs a break You’re right, so tonight you can take a hot shower after working out
  • No one is going to know YES, they will. I am going to be blogging about it on a new page called ‘UnStuff this Turkey’
  • Tomorrow I’ll start Today is the DAY! I will not make any more promises to start something that I need to start now.

There’s my swift kick! I needed it. It’s so nice and HELPFUL to write out a plan of attack…a plan of a swift kick.

I write this because I know that all of us have things in life that we want to do. I would say to have a look at her article..or simply take the modified questions which I have posed for myself and have a think about a life change that you want to make.

Fail to Plan; Plan to Fail!

So, how do you plan life changes in your life?


2 thoughts on “A Swift Kick

  1. Diane Fit to the Finish says:

    This is great! I love the idea of planning out a routine to help you think positively about exercise.

    I thought I hated exercise for a long, long time. It seemed like too much trouble and no reward. Of course I was wrong! Because I actually miss exercising when there are days that I need to skip it.

    I like your plan. I like that you are commiting until Thanksgiving! I bet your whole attitude will change permanently by then!! Great idea.

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