Going home to RACE!

This morning I wrote about my crap day.

I  thought to myself, as part of Un-Stuff This Turkey, that I was going to research races in my hometown when I go HOME! I am headed home from November 23-December 7th.

Guess what? There’s a RACE! It makes me think of this from last year with my sister!

sis and I

The race is to support ‘Girls on the Run’ through the local university–hence the above picture..

This race benefits Girls on the Run Willamette Valley, a non-profit after-school prevention program for girls in grades 3rd-8th, that combines health education and running. Don’t forget to wear your Girls on the Run or Beaver gear to the race!

When I first started losing weight, it was for me. However, it evolved into a whole entire mental focus on one where I thought to myself ‘I NEVER want my children to have to endure that I went through as an overweight child and adult’.

It’s about creating positive routines in life, it’s about creating positive change.

I am REALLY looking forward to going home! I am looking forward to a these things 🙂

thanksgivingfamily 2familyoutside c-townI am just so happy to go home. I haven’t been this excited to go home, in a really long time.

I was able to pull myself up from this morning. I got my yoga in today for the UnStuff This Turkey and jotted down the stuff for In My Face–although I’d say I failed a bit today–but will be blogging about that tomorrow..cause it is going to change.

Nine months ago, I would have had a pity party and never gotten back up.

Thank you for all of your supportive comments and swift kicks! I am so ready to keep moving on.

Do you look forward to visiting your family/friends?


6 thoughts on “Going home to RACE!

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    Visiting family is fun, because I love them (of course), but it’s cool to go away instead of people coming to my house because I don’t have to cook or clean up the mess afterwards. I’m just sayin’.

    (…and I hope no one in my family reads this)

    Enjoy your time! xo

  2. missyrayn says:

    Visiting family is hard for me because of the distance and our schedule. But I love to see my mom when she visits. I’m lucky to have a few friends nearby to visit about 2 times a month to keep me grounded.

  3. Michelle says:

    Yayyy for your trip home soon, that is so exciting!! I have been out of town on my rotation for 2 months (which I realize is nothing compared to you), and I absolutely cannot wait to see my family and friends again!

  4. jessicaconte says:

    Every time I read your blog, I wish we’d gotten closer in college. You are amazing and inspiring!

    • Mish says:

      the feeling in is mutual. Honestly…I think the same about teaching everytime I read your blog. dang..I wish I was doing that.

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