Fondue-ing Creatures

Last night I was SO tired that I couldn’t possibly muster up the strength to blog…so this is what I gots up to yesterday.

I work in an office of about 10 well decided that we wanted to go out for lunch. We headed over to Little Creatures. It’s this funky brewery that draws in tons of people and does a great job of catering to huge groups of people.


My crazy co-workers


Food: I ordered a porotbello mushroom sandwhich. I didn’t eat the bread and only ate about 1/2 of the fries. I was really REALLY proud of myself. I just ate until I was full.


My co-workers pizza with anchoives..SICK


I then went over to Ervina’s to have what us Americans called ‘Chinese Fondue’. First some of my great friends–Julie and Nicole and Ervina and I



How does Chinese Fondue work? You throw all of this into a big of chicken stock.


Those white things are amazing. They are pork filled yumminess. The brown balls are vegetable balls–they are also amazing. The crab stick things I am not too sure that I would like and I LOVED them.

Wait, there’s more!


See those monsters ont the right..they’re headed prawns..SICK. Chinese cabbage, mushrooms and tofu. YUMMY!

What do you do? Throw it all in the pot together.


This is what it ends up looking like.


This is my bowl. Well I may have had about four of the..they are small..and man were they delicious.


I even be-headed four of those bad boys..yes..they do look like they are looking at you. SICK.

An awesome cake which Julie made..I only had two bites.


Nicole and I then headed to a baseball game..she has a ‘friend’ who plays. Cute.


I had such a great night. I didn’t over-eat. I didn’t feel like I needed anything more than to enjoy the people who I was around. I hope that you all had/are having a great Friday Night.

I am off to meet up with a friend..I have BIG news to share with you later on today..yikes…a big life changer..yikes.

Have you ever had to de-head a prawn before?


3 thoughts on “Fondue-ing Creatures

  1. Reluctant Blogger says:

    I think I am going to have to stop coming here – every time you put up your photos I long to be back. There is nothing like Little Creatures back here.

    Pining I am!!!

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