tWeNtY SiX

I am’s 12:38am…I should be sleeping with the angels.

I can’t WAIT to tell you some AWESOME news about my life tomorrow…

I also have some great photos from my lunch out w/ my co-workers, and my first encounter with Chinese Fondu–

Instead I’ll leave you with this: 26 things about me

  1. I grew up on a 10,000 acre grass seed farm in Oregon
  2. I broke my left wrist getting buck off of a horse
  3. My first car as a 1975 blue pick-up truck
  4. I have lived in Australia f0r 3 1/2 years
  5. I have only had one boyfriend–when I was 25
  6. I have lost over 100lbs
  7. I have 1 sister and 2 brothers
  8. I have been pulled over three times by police officers and have NEVER been given a ticket
  9. I have travelled to India, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Australia, East Timor and Canada
  10. I currently work with International and Study Abroad students
  11. In Feb 2010 I am going back to school to become a NURSE
  12. I HATE mayo
  13. I could eat my weight in watermelon
  14. My grandparents are my heros
  15. I am addicted to Glee and Gossip Girl
  16. The more I let you in, the more likely I am to make fun of you–in a sarcastic way
  17. I am 5’10”
  18. I wear size 12 wide in womens
  19. I have run a 10km and 12km race
  20. I cried when I was 11 to be allowed to drive tractor during the summer. I drove tractor since I was 12 up until I left for Oz
  21. I finally love who I am
  22. My first kiss was at 21 (late bloomer) at Midnight on New Years Eve
  23. I don’t put any sugar in my tea or coffee
  24. I am allergic to gluten, dairy, sugar
  25. My sister is my rock
  26. I have my wedding colours picked out (yet to find a man)

What are five things about you?


7 thoughts on “tWeNtY SiX

  1. Ali says:

    Love finding out more about you!
    1. I DESPISE cilantro
    2. I wish I had a nice camera- I would take more pictures
    3. I regret not going out for soccer my freshmen year of college
    4. I work at a hospital
    5. Fall is my ALL TIME favorite season!

  2. Allison says:

    That was such a good idea!! Definitely gives a good description of who you are beyond eats! haha.. I just love learning new things about people! šŸ™‚

    1. I’ve never been to a wedding or broken a bone
    2. I played field hockey competitively for 6 years and miss it every single day
    3. I’m a peanut butter fiend & rarely go a day without it
    4. Along with Ali ^ FALL is my absolute favorite season.. I love every little thing about it & I wish it were around alll year long šŸ™‚
    5. I have very curly hair but most people will never know because I straighten it on a daily basis.. shhhh!

    Haha.. Happy Friday Girly!! šŸ™‚

  3. Tania :) says:

    1. My first kiss was when I was 17
    2. I lived in Iceland for 2 years
    3. I had a full acting scholarship to college ( but changed majors & lost it)
    4. I am training for a 1/2 marathon
    5. I love pb & j. Yummmm

  4. missyrayn says:

    1. I have lost over 100 pound and have kept it off (just a few ups and downs) for over a year.

    2. I’ve lived in at least 3 countries and have never stayed in one place longer than 4 years.

    3. I speak fluent spanish and took some of my seminary courses in spanish for fun.

    4. I only had 2 boyfriends before meeting and marrying Hunni at age 26.

    5. Hunni and I intend to adopt from Ethiopia for all our children.

    • Mish says:

      congrats on the 100lbs…it’s such an amazing thing. speaking fluent spanish is something I regret not doing in uni. adopting kids from ethophia–a woman after my own heart.

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