I need to write this post…because it’s something that I struggle with..YES I STRUGGLE.



It’s your best friend when it’s less than the last time you stepped on it
It’s the spark of a depressing day when it’s up
It’s the instigator of dehydration and starvation
It’s the validation I crave
It’s the most cussed annoyingly and dependent thing I HATE to have to have

I stepped on the damn thing this morning and guess what, it read high..higher than I want to admit. I freaked. What a shitty way to wake up.

I then started the whole mental talk:

  • You need to be the cleanest eater this week
  • You need to work out more
  • You need to wear a loose dress cause you’re fat today
  • You need to seriously stop snacking at night–YOU KNOW BETTER


What the hellz bellz am I doing to myself? This is stupid. This is END FAT TALK WEEK for Christ Sakes Michelle. Snap out of it. So, I Twittered and Facebooked..because frankly, there people get it.

I asked: Do you weigh yourself?

TaydorTott It becomes obsessive so I just don’t do it! I can tell if I’ve gained weight by the mirror or clothes!

MATTIDW I hate weighing myself

modernation I weigh myself sometimes to understand how my nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices affect it. No scale during #FTFW

SeeSarahEat I weigh in 1x/week to check in. If it starts going up too much I know to adjust a bit. But it doesn’t rule my life (anymore)!

FindingJewels i feel like the scale is good at keeping me accountable, but i sometimes allow it to dictate my self worth that day =\

I Facebooked about it and got some other interesting responses, Men this time weighing in!

Dennis O’Hare: I weigh myself almost every morning. I think it’s good feedback.

Brandon Rose: once every couple weeks if I’m not making an effort and every day or two if I have a goal in mind…

Kelly Moffatt: Throw it out the window. It will make you feel better!
Then I saw this: this made me snap out of it
Maria G Gomez Bernardez

weigh your soul…
really, whatever it is you focus your energy in, grows, so I think it’s better to focus on the things you want to grow in your life instead of in those you want to get rid of šŸ˜‰
I will NOT weigh myself for the rest of 2009. That is HUGE. That actually makes me nervous.
I am going to weigh my soul instead. Place my energy into my tri training, my friend network, into my body signals and having FUN!
What are your thoughts on ‘the scale’

19 thoughts on “the SCALE

  1. Musings of a Housewife says:

    I was recently challenged by my nutrition coach to put mine away b/c of all the reasons you list. It was amazing how free I felt and how much more in tune I was to what I was eating and how I was feeling. I admit, I’ve allowed it back in my life, but this post is reminding me to make the break again. Breaking up… it’s so hard to do…

    • Mish says:

      it’s a crutch. it’s hard to kick. but like you’re stated it enables you to totally free from things which aren’t getting to where we both want to me..content and in tune with our bodies.

  2. Allison says:

    This is awesome… I fully support your goal of NOT weighing yourself for the rest of the year. I tend to not weigh myself, not because I’m afraid what the numbers will read but because I KNOW my body well. And I tend to fluctuate 2 or 3 lbs. back and forth, up and down… I don’t base my “weight” on the numbers that pop up when I look down, I base it on how I feel that day… šŸ™‚

    Good post though girl… the scale’s definitey a crutch and everyone tends to fall back on it for either a good feeling or bad feeling depending what it says!
    I definitely still check it every once in a while if the idea pops into my head but, at least in my case, it’s not a very good indicator of where my body’s at physically.. if that makes sense? haha…

    • Mish says:

      I hope to one day write the comment that you just wrote. — I know I will get to the place that you’re in. Thank you for sharing that.

    • Mish says:

      Thanks for sharing that. It’s something which is hard to widdle down and so easy to let it creep back into your life.

  3. Diana says:

    Thank you for this post. Again. You seem to “save” me everytime. Last night I stepped on the scale. I’ve been feeling bloated so it wasn’t the smartest idea, I know. I did it and of course I had two more pounds. I just gotta keep doing what I’m doing (going to the gym regularly, watch what I eat) and not care about that stupid thing. I feel bloated so of course I’m heavier now. My clothes fit the same so what is up with that? Maybe I’ll follow your steps and not use it the rest of the year… We’ll see if I can do it šŸ™‚

    • Mish says:

      that how is was for me this morning as well. I knew that when I stepped on the scale that it wans’t going to be good. I say just remember what you really want out of life..and get there. I am glad that you’re finding something in my thoughts…I find it inspiring to read your story as well.

  4. Diane Fit to the Finish says:

    I’m glad that you are finding strength within yourself to move to a healthier relationship with food and with yourself. Awesome job.

    The bottom line isn’t what you weigh but how you relate to other people, how you feel about yourself, and being true to you.

    To answer your question I do weigh everyday. BUT I don’t let it dictate my mood. Instead if it’s up within my 3 pound range I use it as a reminder to watch things for a bit. When I haven’t weighed daily I tend to gain weight. I must need the accountability!

  5. Reluctant Blogger says:

    I think everyone has to find the way that works for them – and for some that will be throwing the scales out, some it will be weighing themselves occasionally and for others it will be always knowing.

    I have tried all three and have to say I feel happiest with the always knowing how much I weigh option. I don’t use it to govern what I eat, or let it affect the way I feel – I use it to show me how much exercise I need to do. Because with every decade that passes you need to do more and we all tend to do far too little without realising it. For me the scales remind me. That is all.

    I didn’t have scales for the 3 months I was in Australia and that was fine – but I didn’t do a lot of exercise as a result without my reminder!!

    But by all means see if it works for you and makes you feel good. It may do. It just makes me lazy!

  6. 'Drea says:

    I weigh myself daily (at least twice a day).

    My newer clothes and jewelry are loose. People tell me that I look well and, yet, I must step on the scale and see the numbers which have been, unbelievably, heading north lately.

    I hope like all get-out that it’s muscle…

  7. 'Drea says:

    I try to exercise for, at least, an hour a day/six days a week. I’ve been sticking around the gym for a bit longer recently. I probably need to do more weight training though…

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