I was totally moved by this comment from my post on the SCALE yesterday

weigh your soul…
really, whatever it is you focus your energy in, grows, so I think it’s better to focus on the things you want to grow in your life instead of in those you want to get rid of

I woke up this morning. I thought about what I’d normally put my energy into, and what I WANT to put my energy into:

  • I will not eat any sugar or dairy today
    • I am focusing on feeding my body things it can process, that are healthy and make me feel good.
  • I will no binge today

    • I am going to get down with my bad self and honour the signals from my body
  • I will lose 2 pounds this week
    • I will continue to work out and eat healthy. I have faith that whatever my body wants to lose it will. (that felt really good to write)
  • I don’t want to feel this fat again
    • You may be a bit bloated, but you are focusing on fueling and exercising–you are focusing on a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE
  • I will get my house clean
    • Living in a clean, inviting space is something that I take pride in.

I would argue that focusing your mental patterns around things you want to actually INVEST your energy into is so much more powerful, then investing into things you don’t want.

It’s not sugar coating anything. It’s refocusing your mental/physical/spiritual juice.

Where can you re-invest your energy? Please share!


9 thoughts on “Investing

  1. missyrayn says:

    My to-do list is a mile long and I am constantly focusing on what I did not get done. Now I’m trying to focus on what I did get done and enjoy my accomplishment. Before I would work myself to the bone…I guess that’s how I got the flu.

    I’m also going to focus on enjoying my exercise instead of pushing myself so hard. I love to run but I shouldn’t run to the point of pain. And I lov eto eat so I should enjoy the food instead of restricting myself in random ways that make me hungrier.

    • Mish says:

      that is a really good point abt. food. so many times I don’t eat and ENJOY what I am eating. thanks for reminding me about that.

  2. Brenda says:

    Love this post!!
    I had a 3 pound gain last week which shook me up. But I need to focus on the positive to get back in the right frame of mind:
    I also started to jog instead of just walk last week and by the end of the week my endurance skyrocketed! So it was a healthy thing for my heart and well being 🙂

    • Mish says:

      I think that it’s so important to see your weight loss journey–as a journey. It has been so hard for me to do that..but in the end it’s what you have to focus on. Great work on getting moving. Remember…put your energy into what you want out of life. 🙂

  3. Lawgirl says:

    I just love the positivity of this message. And isn’t it true, that when we put out positive vibes to the ol’ universe, we get amazing things back? Aren’t you more likely to achieve your goals if you frame them in a positive way?

    I’m lovin’ your blog, girl!!

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