Open Heart

Today has been awesome. I went to Church and then Church again. I am not going to go into the details, but I will say that I opened my heart.

Regardless of your faith background or beliefs…I strongly suggest at some point in your life opening your heart. Be it your relationship, your own person belief in yourself, new friends, a new job, or your faith. Just take a step and open your heart. It’s scary–but totally worth it.

Here are some of my eats today 🙂 (yes, recipes to come)


chocolate banana seeded oats–recipe to come..promise
Salad: organic corn on the cob cut off–AMAZING, 1/4 c. skinny hummus, 1 tsp chia seeds, tomatoes, spinach–awesome. I may have eaten the other ear of corn..opps.

Potato, Carrot, Leek soup w/ a rice milk base–OH MY STARS–awesome. Recipe to come. I had about two of those sized 1/2 bowls tonight and today.

When you’re in a hurry…just spread it on. Sunflower butter–AWESOME! I am really excited about this stuff. It’s just organic Sunflower seeds w/ salt. NO SUGAR 🙂 I may have about another 2 tsps. later–yummy. DANGEROUS

I then met a new friend Kim 🙂 and we enjoyed some amazing conversations.


I then went out with these crazy cats for a late dinner and fun.

I ordered the scallop/shrimp salad w/ dressing on the side. I am always amazed at how much dressing they would have put on the salad had when it’s put on the side. I probably put about 1 TB of a light dressing instead of 1/2 c.

I also had two apples, 8 almonds, and two kiwis on top of what I’ve posted here. I have noticed since switching back to a veg/vegan diet I don’t have the intense sugar cravings that I used to. It’s great.

I even got in a 5km walk today as well as about 20 laps at the pool. Go me.

I am going to go and crash–my mind/body/spirit are exhausted. Swimming tomorrow morning @ 6am. Here was go. TWO WEEKS TIL MY FIRST TRI!!!!

Have you ever opened your heart before?


7 thoughts on “Open Heart

  1. missyrayn says:

    The food looks awesome… I can’t wait for the recipes.

    I love the feeling of opening my heart. You truly just feel relaxed and at peace. I love when the Lord does that for me.

  2. Ali says:

    Wow you are doing great! All your eats and your exercise sound fabby to me!! I am so glad that you are opening your heart. I have a feeling you will find out how amazing you truly are:) Have a great day sweetie pie!

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