To the Farmers

I watched Food Inc. tonight.

FOod Inc

What I want to touch on is this–WHAT ABOUT THE FARMERS?

My family owns a farm (not an animal farm) and they grow a variety of food.

Picture 073

I have grown up with farmers busting their ass to produce to the quality that is demanded in the growing contracts, fretting about the weather, trying to increase the amount of yield which can be cranked out in a field. What KILLS me is that no longer can they be genuine farmersthey can no longer look out for themselves. They are puppets of HUGE corporations who make them wager everything they own to farm.

  • The woman who had to build chicken ‘coops’ at 300,000-400,000 a pop. Making only 18,000/yr in profit.
    • She can not go against the corporation because she has a HUGE loan she has to pay off.
    • She has to indure the antibiotic resistant level that she has come to–because they PUMP animals full of antibiotics to grow them.

chicken farm

  • There’s the old lovely man trying to clean seed, and he gets sued by a HUGE corporation.
    • His whole life is down the tubes, because none of the other farmers DARE to stand up to the multi-national corporations.
    • How could you if you’re making hardly any money?

However, I ask–what choice do you have if you have signed up, mortgaged your whole life for something you thought would work?

Go organic? Go local? Stop?

Before we waive our fists at farmers…lets take a step back and say to ourselves….what about the corporate giants?

My family, my community I grew up in, is probably one of the richest places in the world when it comes to ingenuity, thinking outside of the box and understanding the earth. Regardless of what farmers do, they are truly the soil of the earth. As stated at the ending of the movie: Farmers will produce whatever is demanded.

Let’s demand the best.



Please don’t think that this post is undermining the atrocious farming practices of some farms, especially those in the movie. Please, do not think that I am at all condoning these human and animal violations–because they go to the core of what should never be happening.

Here is Monsanto’s Website to counter-act the movie’s slamming of them.

4 thoughts on “To the Farmers

  1. Jenn (Ex Hot Girl) says:

    Great post. I definitely want to see this movie. I’ve been appalled at America’s farming/animal production/slaughtering houses etc, since I read “Fast Food Nation.” That book fucked me up big time. I couldn’t even look at meat for a solid four or five months.


    • Mish says:

      It’s sad frankly. It’s sad all around. What it comes back to is the cruelty and inhumane ways in which we have industralised business…at major costs.

    • Mish says:

      Yes, the times of small family farmers is over. The amount of land that farmers must have is beyond amazing. You have to have so much more land, equpiment, etc. to compete. To make a living. Watch the movie, I got my online for free.

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