Rub Me Down

I am sitting here praying that the clock moves just a bit QUICKER.


Cause I have a massage scheduled at 3pm today. I can’t WAIT. My triceps are so sore..they’re aching. Like it’s hard to pick-up a coffee cup.

Since I went running last night, I am taking tonight off. I have to finish decorating a cake for my co-worker and then baby-sit (birth control) a cute little 3 month old tyke. I love kids, I love babies. But I am NOT ready to have any yet.

This morning, cause I don’t have any rice flakes left and/or rice milk I had a fruit salad w/ 10 almonds and 1 tsp. flax seed.


Lunch was Potato Leek Carrot Soup. This stuff is amazing. It’s soul-food and healthy.


I also had one carrot w/ 1 TB peanut butter and 1 orange. Another scant TB of peanut butter may have snuck it’s way in today as well. to come tonight of our baking adventure. It’s gonna involve multiple kinds of chocolate and maybe, fingers crossed, cut out chocolate shapes.

How do you un-wind?


3 thoughts on “Rub Me Down

  1. Madelin says:

    Just hanging out with my cat, tv off, maybe some music, a cup of tea or glass of wine and downward dogs always help 🙂

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