Cake for the Bride

Today my co-worker Jamie arrived back from her vacation in Vietnam. SHE GOT ENGAGED while she was in Vietnam. I said to her, ‘Jaimee, what did you look like when he asked you to marry him?’


So Ervina and I decided to decorate a huge white board for her arrival today.

P1013179She needed a chair. Yes, I blew up all of those HUGE balloons.

P1013177P1013180The I decided to bake her a cake. It was so much fun.

P1013191P1013196This cake is vegan (frosting isn’t) recipe here.

It was so cute. Apparently he was super nervous to propose to her. He didn’t have a ring, so he gave this one to her. How cute. They’re going ring shopping this weekend.

P1013193We are so proud for her, she’s such a lovely girl.


15 thoughts on “Cake for the Bride

    • Mish says:

      it’s awesome. it’s a very rich, not too sweet cake. It can handle a rich frosting. It’s great for german chocolate icing, or a ganache. YUMMY.

    • Mish says:

      It’s such a great cake. It’s very dense, and not too sweet. And cheap I might add. That’s a trick if you’re ever out of eggs 1 tsp. bakind soda and 1 TB vinegar per egg missing.

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