Cut the WHINE

I have to write this post. I was nodding off tonight, it’s 10:43pm in Australia—but I had to write this.

The past two days have been shit for eating. CRAP. I am feeding my body with crap..CRAP..and it’s making my tummy hurt.

I whine and complain to myself that I:

  • can’t give up sugar
  • need to work out
  • can’t lose weight
  • need to weigh myself
  • etc…..


So, I propose…who are you becoming?

These posts have sparked this thought process, this post, ‘cutting the whine’:

I am cutting the whine. I am getting my vision of who I am want to become becoming. I will post tomorrow about my vision…I need to sit/draw/ponder/sleep/run/bike/swim on it.

It’s not about ultimatums or lofty’s about a vision ‘keepin’ your eye on the prize’.

Who are you becoming? What whine can you cut out of your life?


13 thoughts on “Cut the WHINE

  1. dailygoods says:

    you’ve got this girl. i feel like we always are like, i’ll eat better starting tomorrow… but we just need to realize that today is the day! πŸ™‚

  2. Liz says:

    My problem is, is that I won’t STOP eating. The last two days I’ve been eating non stop. It’s not because I’m hungry, it’s because I’m stressed or bored. (Think an extra 1,000 calories a day). My mind says : “Liz STOP what you’re doing don’t go and make cinnamon rolls”. I ate four last night. Gah. Be mentally positive and we’ll both conquer it.

  3. Jaimie says:

    This is exactly how I am feeling lately. Tonight I gave myself almost every excuse to eat poorly and skip the work out but luckily I cut through the bull and made myself go to the gym where I got in a cardio and strength workout and then came home and ate fine. But trust me, tonight was the first night in weeks that I beat the bad thoughts.

  4. Marisa (Trim The Fat) says:

    That’s right! I gotta cut the whine and do something about it! I couldn’t help thinking today that if I flat-out tell myself that it’s NOT AN OPTION, then I might follow through better. I think I’m going to post it around my house! A big note on the bag of Halloween candy that says “NOT AN OPTION” πŸ™‚

    • Mish says:

      Amen. I had this realisation today in the shower—I am committed to this. It’s not a half-assed thing anymore. My life isn’t 1/2 healthy. My life isn’t 1/2 whining. I am 100% healthy and 100% not whining anymore. Thanks for this Marisa.

  5. nic. says:

    I often whine about how HARD losing weight is, but if I take a day to actually mark down the moments I believe losing weight to be hard, I see it’s probably a handful of minutes in the 24 hours out of the day.

    All it takes is some planning, and I’m fully satisfied.

    • Mish says:

      That is such a good mentality to have. I think it’s something that I am starting to learn. I don’t want to have my day/life defined with losing weight.

  6. Diana says:

    I’ve been doing pretty much what I can do, when it comes to my health.
    BUT, this could be interesting to do in terms of my professional life. I can do more than I am doing… I can do better than I am doing. I just have to gather some courage and do it!

  7. Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny says:

    Hi Mish,
    Just found your site thru reading your tweets with @JoannaSutter Congratulations on your job offer! I’ve just written my first free e-book on 51 Must Know Habits for staying young – from the inside out. I forgot to include NO WHINING! How did that get left off the list? Whining is NOT sexy or attractive. I get on people’s nerves when I whine. They roll their eyes and give me that “bloody-well get on with it or shut the f-up already” look. When I’m whining, I’m not honoring myself – meaning I’m not keeping my word to myself. Sugar is a huge issue for me. I’m sorting out what my agreement is with myself about it. It’s not sorted yet, but it will be. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m giving up whining about it RIGHT NOW! haha!

    Come and have a look at my give-away! To win, just leave a comment, send a link to one of your best posts (this one’s good) or write a guest post. Genuine Health Gift Baskets (3) valued at $150! Plus it would be nice to get to know you.

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