This Halloween, You’re Getting Jack Sh*t

I am currently driving a bus full of American Study Abroad students in the wine region of Western Australia. I have asked some great bloggers to provide guests posts for me.

So…here is Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit. If you haven’t followed him..DO! NOW! I command you. Enjoy. Ohh and Happy Halloween–silly Australians have no idea what they’re missin’ out on. ~M (p.s. say a prayer for my sanity)

This Halloween, You’re Getting Jack Sh*t ~Jack Sh*t

Hi, my name’s Jack Sh*t and I’ve engineered a hostile takeover of this space for the day. “Why?” you ask. Good question. I guess because Michelle asked me to fill in for her for the day, and I don’t like to turn down requests from anyone (even Australians*).
*Actually, Michelle was born an American and later converted to Australianism

Since we’re right on top of Halloween, I thought I’d do something related, but my research indicated that Australians aren’t as in tune with our spook-tacular holiday as rootin’-tootin’ Americans. Their loss, I say.

Speaking of losses, Halloween is a tough time of year to try and manufacture one on the weight-loss front, what with all the candy flying around and bombastic costume parties. Anyway, this whole line of pondering got me to thinking about all the various ways that being overweight is like Halloween, which caused me to write this list called “Ways Being Overweight is Like Halloween.”
Ways Being Overweight is Like Halloween

• They don’t make the best clothes in your size

• There’s too much emphasis on sweets

• You’re annoyed by people who insist on giving out healthy treats

• Sometimes you get creeped out when you see yourself in the mirror

• You buy bags of miniature Twix and KitKat bars “for the kids”

• It’s a celebration of empty calories

• Can’t walk around the block without stopping at every house and asking for food

• You hate giving away your candy

• When you get dressed up, people think you look frightening

• You wind up eating even the candy you don’t like

• A lot of people are really against it

Insert your own “goblin” joke here

• You often steal food from your children

• You want to hide your face

Happy Halloween to one and all, Happy Whatever to you friendly Australians and, if you get the chance, stop by Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit for a little more weight loss and fitness nonsense. Thanks for letting me play in your backyard, Michelle.

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