‘Balance: Health, Life, Study’ ~Ali

I am currently away, driving a bus full of American Study Abroad Students. Why, Why do I sign-up for these things? Anyways, I’ve asked some great bloggers to help me out while I am away in the middle of nowhere entertaining, un-entertainable 20 year olds. jk-kinda.

This is a GREAT from Ali @ Let the Sun Shine In! about balancing out study and healthy lifestyle choices–I NEED THIS–cause I am going back to school next year. What am I thinking? I think this southern hemisphere is making me loopy. Ok…read away. ~M
Balance: Health, Life, Study ~Ali

Hello Eating Journey readers!

My name is Ali and I hale from Let the Sun Shine In! The lovely Mish asked me to do a guest post for her and of course I said YES! We discussed briefly a few things I could talk about and now, here I am!

I should give you a bit of background before I jump right in. I am currently in my last year of college in Wisconsin. I love my school but I am definitely ready to go see and do things in my life. I don’t know what that may be now, but I have roughly six life plans 🙂

Anyways, my major is Community Health Education, so I know a lot about health and wellness. My coursework has included nutrition classes, fitness classes, anatomy and physiology, as well as stress management and sexual health promotion. It is so broad but that is why I love it!

I also like to be active and eat well. Some of my favorite activities are running, spinning, lifting weights, nature hikes, and walking for leisure (with a friend especially!). I love all kinds of food; however the one thing I despise is CILANTRO. I can eat it sparingly but I had a bad encounter with it in Costa Rica when I ate some ceviche covered in cilantro. Let’s just say it was not my favorite dish. In any case, I love all other foods and I enjoy the experience of eating and cooking for/with others.

Which leads me to this post.

When you are in college, the demands can be over-the-top. Often you are getting up at the crack of dawn to either study more, workout, get to class, etc. Then you have a day of on-and-off classes, then work, and finally you come home only to continue working on homework until very late at night. It’s exhausting and can be so detrimental to your health.

So how do you balance this stress-filled lifestyle?

Let me give you a few of my tips:

  • Make sure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep (yes I know that ‘they’ suggest 8, but let’s be real…)


  • Workout when you can.


    • If you are an early riser, get up and go!
    • If not, wait and do it between classes- because, honestly, who gives a sh*t if you look sweaty in class- not me and maybe that makes me gross but I’m going to let my freak flag fly then…).
    • If that doesn’t work, go after classes or work, or even late at night (go walk on the treadmill and read some trashy magazines- it’s very therapeutic 🙂 ).
    • If none of this works, recruit a friend to go with on a weekly basis.
    • Eating right and saving money is hard, but you can do it.

    heart healthy diet-saidaonline

      • We aren’t given a lot of options in terms of eating well on a cheap budget, but for god’s sake stay away from the junk! You will perform better if you eat better.
      • Buy sale produce, look for coupons (because I know you have time. Especially if you just stalked your friends on Facebook for an hour.)
      • Buy canned beans and rinse them before eating them- then season them up and have a hot steamy bowl- they are a complete protein 🙂
      • If all else fails, just be sure that you are eating portion sizes (I believe there are two servings in one bag of Ramen noodles!) and getting some fruits and veggies in during the day.
      • Prioritize the things you want to do, and the things you need to do. Then for the things you need to do, use the 15 minute rule.
        • Work on your stuff for 15 minutes and then walk away. Do something you want for a bit, then come back and work on it for another 15 minutes. This works especially well for those of us who have no self control when it comes to blogging, twitter, Google searching, youtube-ing, etc.
      • Don’t pressure yourself to do perfectly in school or in your personal life.
        • I always try to do my best, but when something doesn’t always work, or I get a bad grade, I try to remind myself, *“is this going to matter in one year?”- Most often the answer is no.
        • If it is yes, then you must vow to do well the next time.
        • When in doubt, just take the next small step! *My parents always ask me this- thanks for putting things in to perspective guys ❤

      So there it is. It might seem like I have it all figured out, but believe me, I don’t. I have days where I can’t do what I’d like to do (note that I am not saying should…its ok, and you don’t have to should anything- get what I mean here?) but I know that in time I will do it.

      Be safe, have fun, and enjoy life. You only get one!

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