RunAway Bride

Hey there,

I have to make this crazy quick. Due to poor studying habits this weekend on my huge adventure with a bus load of 20 Americans I am under the pump for an online Anatomy/Phyisiology test. SICK. Six week intensive is going to kill me.

Some quick highlights of the trip:

I tried my first POM!!!


Saw some gorgeous scenery


Had a great Soy Cap


Was a Run-Away Bride


The story behind that is that Nic and I said ‘what should be do with the students on Halloween, cause we’re going to be in the middle of the forest?’. So, the week before all of the students drew each other’s names out of a hat and created costumes for each other. They decided that Nic and I should be ‘Run Away Brides’.



I had such an amazing time with the students. I have done this trip, in various forms, about seven times. I have to say that they were the best group that I’ve ever been with. It’s refreshing to be with early 20’s uni students who have such a good and fun perspective on life. This is part of my job 🙂

Thanks again to the bloggers who held my blog hostage. 🙂

I honestly missed my little blog. I missed reading the blogs on google reader. It’s funny how this blog has developed a sense of community from everything that I share with you.

No–I didn’t work out.
No–I didn’t eat the greatest the whole time.
Yes–I panicked that I would never lose the weight
Yes–I pulled myself back together.
YES–I am grateful that I got to skip through the streets tonight of Fremantle and think to myself ‘This is MY home!’

When do you feel at home?


6 thoughts on “RunAway Bride

    • Mish says:

      I thought that POM was everywhere but Australia. Til I found it. It was yummy. Review later this week.

  1. Chloe says:

    Good for you for calming yourself down – a small trip like that is only a drop in the pond for you, getting back on track will be a breeze!

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