ER Flashback Horror

This is going to be a short little post…cause I am in pain right now.

My stomach and I have been on a journey as well. Since December last year I have had a bout of health issues, which required emergency stays in Japan and Australia.

Cancer, operation, Chrons, Celiacs, Intolerance to pretty much everything has been tossed around.

I am gluten, dairy and sugar intolerant. Especially dairy and gluten.

Today I had a large Long Black/Americano and since then after eating lunch I got the pains which were the beginning of my hospital stay in Japan.

I pushed through at work, almost broke down, broke out in a sweat and came home and cried.

My health is important..there’s no more cheatin’ for this girl–it’s just not worth it.

I am resting up and pounding water….but having flashbacks to the horror that I went through today…reminds me that life is fragile.


on a lighter note…I am giving away an awesome charm set…check it out.

12 thoughts on “ER Flashback Horror

  1. Kelly says:

    I am also gluten and dairy intolerant (very, very intolerant) and am avoiding sugar a lot as well. I read once on a gluten-free blog (GlutenFreeGirl, I believe) that she didn’t have cravings for gluten products because it was poison to her, and why would she want to eat poison? I keep that thought in my mind. It was very hard at first to be strict, but feeling better was worth it to me.

    Be gentle with yourself, eat healthy and simple and let your tummy heal. I hope you feel much better soon.

    • Mish says:

      It’s ALL am emotional attachement for me. I just have to tell myself that it’s a break. Thank you for this post. I actually thought about it as I went to sleep last night. Your words are true, there is no reason that posioning my body is acceptable.

  2. caitlin says:

    ugh im sorry! i cant imagine what it would feel like to not *be able* to eat certain foods. i’m only allergic to avocado, but that’s no biggie. it’s different i think when you *chose* to avoid things, like how i avoid meat. i think that eating the right way for your body is a process, you know? its hard not to do what you grew up doing and expecting you’d always do. i think you are a strong and wonderful woman… xoxo!

    we talked about you on our run today! πŸ™‚

    • Mish says:

      thank you. it’s emotional for me…and I am acknowledging that. I hope it was good.. πŸ™‚ you’re one amazing woman to.

  3. missyrayn says:

    Michelle I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well. I have a hard time avoiding the things that cause me pain. Sugar is one. Its so hard not to cheat but we need to do it for our own sake. I hate the days I forget and end the day in pain.

    Stay hydrated and rest. Big hugs πŸ™‚

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