Friday = YouTube

Hey there…I have lost my camera.

So I leave you with some cool stuff to watch..cause most of you are in USA..and it’s Friday..and who works on a Friday anyways?

Perhaps this will be a goal of mine..I’ll start with a 1/2 before taking the whole

Please..I beg of this..and laugh out loud

One of my favourite songs

Favourite Spiritual Song

I need to go and find my camera–seriously–where oh where are you hiding? On second thought–stay hidden, I need a new one.

What’s your favourite YouTube video?


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4 thoughts on “Friday = YouTube

  1. Diane Fit to the Finish says:

    I hope you find your camera soon!!! How awful. I’m embarrassed to say this, but the only YouTube video I’ve watched lately is one with my son. It was something about a plasma generator??!!

    By the way – I know for sure one U.S. occupation that doesn’t work on Fridays and that’s dentists!

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