Stuck in Mud

Last night I called my Mom..well I called her at 6:38am her time.

Momthere might be some resemblance

Ha ha ha. ok..I shouldn’t be so evil with my ways. She answered the phone and sounded super sick. Why? Cause she was recovering from being at his concert with my sister.

David Gray - Greatest Hits

I was chatting to her last night, especially about how crap I felt yesterday and how frustrating it is to feel sick. How nervous I am to start with my new job, but how EXCITED I am with starting nursing school etc.

She sat and listened and goes ‘Michelle, you’ve been stuck in mud for the past year’.

paying homage to my country background

I have been stuck in mud..that is the phrase that has summed up a bit of my life for the past year..frankly.

So I sat there, got a bit teary and said to her ‘Well, consider me on the pavement ready to fly my mud everywhere’.
My mom goes ‘Honey, lay the pedal to the metal. You’re in the drivers seat.’

God I love my mom.

How do you get from ‘Stuck in the Mud’ to ‘Pedal to the Metal’

  1. admit where you are
  2. When in doubt, just take the next small step. Ali wrote this as her mantra and it hit me.
  3. Be gentle with yourself
  4. Acknowledge how much you have done/are doing Thanks Caitlin for her awesome post this morning on celebrating successes
  5. Write out mini-goals Daily, monthly, six monthly, yearly: Simple, attainable
  6. SLEEP

Here’s to mud…

Off Road Rally Driving
Ever been ‘stuck in mud’?


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8 thoughts on “Stuck in Mud

  1. Beverlee says:

    M ~

    This is absolutely fabulous and I love the pictures! How incredibly creative; your post captures everything so well! The last picture truly conveys my thoughts as I told you to lay the pedal to the metal and listen to the mud fly off your wheels as you jet forward in progress!

    Love u lots!! mom

  2. missyrayn says:

    That really is awesome. I’ve been stuck in the mud many a time. Recently I was stuck because I couldn’t run which I felt was my true fitness passion. Now I’m pushing myself to try new things so that I can enjoy fitness without full on running right now.

    • Mish says:

      That is such a hard thing to do, especially if running is your outlet. I am reminded of Anges journey right now with yoga cause it’s so cold in canada. keep movin’

  3. Ali says:

    So glad that you are putting the pedal to the metal! I had a moment today where I broke down and called my sis. I cried, we laughed, and now I KNOW what I really need to do…you said it so well here: admit where you’re at….I needed to do just that…
    Thanks for all you’ve done for me lately (you have no clue!!!) You are a great person, Mish.
    ps. ^^^ Love Bev! Mom’s are the best.

  4. Christine says:

    I love the list of how to get “un-stuck.” So wonderful to just be able to press reset and go back to the start. I thought of two more things…
    1) Don’t focus on the past

    2) Record successes, no matter how small! Power of the positive attitude

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