7 Tri Lessons

I have posted about how I got into the Tri, how nervous I was to do the Tri and how great it was to FINISH the Tri.


But what have I learned from the tri?

1. You have to properly fuel: On the day of the race I only ate about 1 1/2 pancakes and 1 banana before the race.

foodI was STARVING afterward and ate the same amount right after the race. I came home and had the WORST headache for about five hours after the race. Nothing that food and water and sleep could cure. I need to eat more substantial things when I got home— a green monster and nuts weren’t enough. I am still learning how to properly fuel. Shifting my focus from losing weight–to fueling for my fitness.

2. H2O: I only drank about 2 c. of water before and after the race. I had about 2 squirts of water while I was racing and it was a hot day. WATER. WATER. WATER. I know that is the reason I was so de-hydrated and zapped afterwards. However, when you come from a ‘losing weight’ mentality, water is seen as extra weight in my old mindframe.

3. Kick and Plow through during the swim: I am not someone who likes or takes pride in inflicting pain in other people. However, what really slowed me down was the swim. I wasn’t ready for the swim and I really wasn’t ready for the fact that you just have to plow your way through people.

4. Have a mantra or two up your sleeve: This goes for anything in life..have a negative thoughts ‘fire blanket’. Snuff out those negative thoughts.

grandmaMy legs were tired 1/2 way through the bike ride and it was getting warm. I just kept saying to myself ‘Smash it! Your Grandma survived so can you. You are a strong machine’. I said it out loud to myself…say it to believe it…it makes it much more powerful then just running it through your mind. Give it energy.

5. Lazer Zap People: Focus on someone in front of you that you want to get past. It works every time. I had fun lazer zapping people on the bike ride.

6. Train: I could have never done this race without the training that I did. It may seem like a lot when you first start, but you can’t underpin the value in training.

7. DO IT AGAIN! I have two races, 5km, with my family when I go back to visit in November. I also have my second Tri planned for Feb 2010. It’s a huge one! 750m ocean swim/ 21km bike / 5km run. It’s basically THREE TIMES bigger than what I just did.

These are some of the thing which I have thought about in the past 24 hours. It has been a journey and I am loving every single reflective and awesome flashback moment that I bestow upon myself.

Have you ran a race? Made it through a hard time in life? What have you learned?


17 thoughts on “7 Tri Lessons

  1. Joanna says:

    These tips are spot on! You are amazing. I’m so proud of you. I hope you bottle up the feeling of accomplishment…it’s priceless!

  2. Brenda says:

    Congrats on your Tri!!!!
    I am running my first 5K next spring so I am learning through you on what to eat and how to train~~my daughter ran her first year in cross country this fall and I think she was just starting to figure out what worked best for her before and after the races by her last run.

  3. missyrayn says:

    Fuel is a huge thing I had to learn. I don’t normally exercise in the morning so I had to learn how to fuel for morning races.

    I also had to learn to push through the end and not slow down. It felt great to have a few seconds off from pushing my time.

  4. Paula says:

    Great tips! Wow! You are learning SO much girl! Thanks for sharing your experience…you are definitely inspiring me to push myself harder during this last phase of my weight loss journey – thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Michelle says:

    Not drinking enough water is probably one of the reasons you had such a bad headache… I get seriously excruiating exertion migraines if I’m not hydrated enough. Something that has helped me a little bit is drinking a mix of water and Gatorade or Powerade or Vitamin Water while I run and for several hours after just to make sure I’m replacing electrolytes too and not just water.

    Congrats again!!

    • Mish says:

      I think that is what it was…electrolyte inblanace. Will have to get on that next time. Thanks for those tips.

  6. Bek says:

    Hey Mish,

    Congrats on the Pink! It was a wonderful event, I managed the short course this year, with my 24 week pregnant belly and feel very proud, A couple of friends did the pink too as their first tri and they too are hooked. The Avanti women’s is 2 days before my bub is due so if I’m a) not in labour, b)not at home with a very new bub I;ll be there as a slow moving, excited cheer squad!

    I discovered a mantra a few years back when kayaking on the Swan River. It was beautiful when the wind was on my back and then I turned around the island in the middle of the causway and I was actually moving backwards due to the head wind, despite my frantic paddling.

    My mantra was paddling is just like life, sometimes its hard, just keep paddling and before you know it, the wind will be at your back again. Just keep paddling.

    I think it would be 10 years ago and I still remember the sense of pride when I got back to the hire place and the hire man was amazed when I told him where I’d paddled.
    Congrats again

    • Mish says:

      Bek–Good On YOU! for getting through the Tri—you’re amazing. I love the feeling of a good run in the wind. It’s such an awesome sense of accomplishment.

  7. Sarah Mitchell says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I laughed at No. 5. I didn’t know it had a name (Lazer Zap) but it’s exactly what I do when the going gets tough in a race. My favourite place to use it is on the hills. As a result, I can usually make up time on the most difficult part of the run. Lesson: Competitive Spirit > Aerobic Stress.

    Congratulations! I’m inspired.

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