Excitement is ALL around me!

I am glad that everyone liked my post from this morning. I was a woman of simple words this morning…that doesn’t happen often, you should appreciate it.

This morning I powered up with a green smoothie: 1 small pkt. of Amazing Grass, 2 small organic bananas, 3 c. spinach, 1 c. rice milk


I was an Amazing Grass virgin this morning. It wasn’t bad at all. However, I was still a bit hungry. So I had another packet of amazing grass this morning w/ 8 oz of water.


It kinda tasted like this


I think it would have been better with rice milk or in a smoothie..will report back. I have supplies.

I have some REALLY exciting news for you…but you’ll have to wait until Friday. However, I am scheming with Katy @ SillyTaterTot and next week is gonna be HUGE! (She lives in Florida and I am in Australia. It’s super weird to actually speak to a blogger that you adore. I have spoken to Caitlin via skpye once and I almost peed my pants with excitement).

I ran down to lunch with these girls: Julie and Ervina. Julie is someone who I met a church about two months ago. She’s from Wisconsin and is a nanny for six kids–I might be helping out once she leaves..God help me. She is headed back home on Friday, so we had a good-bye lunch.


Ervina had the Chicken Laksa


I had my staple Chan Chua w/ extra fresh chilli


I then came back from eating..and I guess I was a bit on the hungry side of life. I had a cup of green tea (need the caffeine) and 1 very small apple w/ 1 TB organic/natural peanut butter


I got an e-mail that says my MACBOOK is coming tomorrow..I think I just peed my pants.

What is something that you’ve wait for, and got, that you were dying to have?


10 thoughts on “Excitement is ALL around me!

  1. missyrayn says:

    I waited for my iPod to come after I ordered the first one and I was super excited to use it for exercise. It made me giddy. I spent hours down loading music the second it arrived and left it on there for several years because I was too lazy to update it (it involved going to my dad’s in SC to do so). But it makes exercise so much easier.

  2. ervina says:

    It has to be my craft supplies whenever i ordered them online. I am now waiting for a batch of rubber stamps that I’ve recently ordered online to arrive anytime ; can’t wait!

  3. nic. says:

    You peed your pants a lot in this post!

    I WISH I had a macbook. I wish I had a laptop. I totally understand your excitement and I think it’s going to bring a lot of FUN stuff OUR way, so we’ll benefit directly by being excited as well.

    WOO HOO!

  4. Reluctant Blogger says:

    You pee-ed your pants twice in one post. I think you need nappies rather than a MacBook.

    Hope you enjoy it. I’ll get my MacBook to say hi when yours arrives.

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